You Are Mine

You Are Mine

by Donna Milham

Recently I was at a pastors’ retreat and during worship and prayer I was shown an eagle feather and the feather had a fountain pen tip. The feather began to write on an ancient parchment scroll that was partly unrolled. The words were being written in the Blood of Jesus– and words I saw written upon this scroll were – You Are MINE!

The scroll then was folded up and sealed with the King’s Seal – the seal was in Red.

It was the King’s invitation for the shepherds and all who are His, to go out into the harvest and extend His Invitation – to become His. To become His followers, His children, His disciples.

Those who would be Divinely loved – Divinely cared for!

As His sons and daughters, we are to be those who know Him so intimately that we live in and from the place of total acceptance, complete rest and peace. From this sacred relationship we carry forth within our hearts and extend out from our very beings – His Divine Invitation.

This was a holy moment for me, one in which I understood afresh that the world is waiting for
the pure Love from the Heart of the Father, Son and Spirit – the Holy Three – a love that transcends human reasoning – and breaks through to the soul and spirit – awakening – illuminating – with the reality – I am loved, desired, wanted, and will never be alone!

I am Divinely purchased – bought with the most costly price – the blood of the Perfect Lamb. Therefore, no longer my own, I gladly surrender with unending joy, the title deed of my life, for this sacred scroll’s decree – ‘You are Mine!’

His Perfect Love swallows up every place of fear, anxiety, unrest, insecurity, rejection, orphan mindsets, ways and hearts. It releases perfect liberty and eternal justice into our lives and situations.

In the midst of a world in full blown identity crisis – Heaven is releasing a cry – a scroll – an invitation – to a world existing in hopelessness and despair.

Yet there is One Who sees and hears and looks with a full and steady Gaze upon those He loves and once again – extends His Hand and His Heart – for from His Heart we came and that is to be our eternal dwelling place that we live from and within – here and forever.

This amazing and eternal invitation –

His Heartbeat of love and the rhythm of peace and rest, living within the surety of being a child of God, journeying deep into the promises of becoming sons and daughters of the Creator – the One True and Living God.

I can hear the hearts of mankind – out of sync – crying out – what is life?

Souls that awaken in the morning and retire in the evening in a perpetual state of restlessness and endless searching for the meaning of life.

Minds that know no peace ever seeking for the answers that seem just out of reach.

The King asks of us this day –

Will we be the ones who carry the message of His Heart and extend the King’s Invitation to those needing, longing to hear –

“You are MINE”!

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