Come and Soar with Me

Come and Soar with Me

by Dyane Beaudette


Our King is saying
Come and soar with me
My hand is reaching out to you
Take a hold of it and I will take you higher
Do not fear, nothing is impossible for me
This same hand that is extended to you
Created the universe and was pierced on the crossFasten your heart to mine
And I will guide you with my eye
And together we will rule
From where I am seated
And in unison declare and decree
What our Father is saying

Abandon your feet’s course to my leading
And hide yourself in me
There you will see the Father’s heart
And how we have prepared a place for you
That brings you to the very destiny
We had for you from the beginning of time

So do not let human reasoning or fear
Keep you from trust and surrender
For our love surpasses all others
Surely we know what is best for you
So let go of your plans and take my hand
And you will walk in the ancient paths
And ride with the wind at my side

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