Restoration & Transformation

The Breath

Conversations With Father

The Second Commandment

Living Beyond

The Prayer of Sons

The Power of Grace

The Power of Generosity

The Division of the Nations

The Cost of Compromise

Separating Sons from Orphans/Light from Darkness

Responding to Intimidation

Prophetic Gifts – Session 4

Prophetic Gifts – Session 3

Prophetic Gifts – Session 2

Prophetic Gifts – Session 1

Prayer is Caught, Not Taught!

Who Are You?

Godliness with Contentment

Parable of the Lost Son

Kingdom Authority & Covenant Relationships

Jealousy and the Orphan Spirit

Hindrances to Hearing God’s Voice

See Beyond

God’s Glory Revealed Through Confrontation

Freedom From Judgement

Honoring through Protocol

Freedom From The Spirit of Poverty

No Compartments – No Labels

Standing Still Praise Report

The Key to Financial Provision

Freedom From Fantasy

Freedom From Condemnation

Father God Is Not Disappointed In Us

Faithful to Our Calling

No Compartments

Embracing Weakness

Embracing Rejection

Created in the Image of God

Cultivating Communion

Returning to Eden

Carry the Father’s Glory

Art: Unveiled Adoration

Fore Runners

A Father’s Prayer

Identity & Significance

Destiny Series: Thank You For My Enemies

Destiny Series: A True Friend

Distractions Oppose Our Destiny

Wilderness Experience

What If?

The Doors are Open

Be Certain of This One Thing

Exposing the Orphan Spirit: The Chronicles

An Exhortation: 3 Keys to Living in These ‘Last Days’

Waiting (God Amongst Us)

A Heart of Mercy

Giving God Your Will

Fulfilling Your Destiny (Isaiah 61:1-4)

Word of Encouragement to Parents and Grandparents

Apostolic Authority


Feast of Tabernacles

From the Desert to Our Destiny