Saturdays 7-10 pm

Judah’s Roar is a Training Center and a Church. It is a place to come and experience the love of God through worship and the arts. We encounter the living God through expressing our hearts to Him through the creativity that He has given to us. Our purpose is for all who come to have their lives transformed by being in His presence. This is not about formulas or programs, it is about relationship with others and exploring the Heart of God together. His heart is a deep, never ending well of love, grace, mercy, and filled with revelation for our lives.

God has a dream for each of our lives and He wants us to know and live out His precious plans for us; it is then that we are satisfied. This is true success – to know who we are and Whose we are, to understand the blueprint that God has written for our lives, and to live our lives from this reality.

Judah’s Roar gatherings also provide training and equipping on how to know God’s Voice, how to live a life of worship, and many other topics related to experientially knowing God and living our daily lives from this place.  It is a place to explore the prophetic and revelatory realms of God in a safe atmosphere.  Our team members are each very unique in their giftings and this allows for a great diversity in our weekly teachings. We also bring in guest speakers to share their gifts and hearts with us.

We explore realms of creative release through instruments, song, dance, writing and many forms of art, both individually and corporately as a group.  Our meetings are interactive and we invite all who come to participate and be released.

We offer a variety of worship workshops, host creative and prophetic evangelism in the marketplace and continue to pioneer the heavenly realms that we may release them into this region and beyond.

Our weekly gatherings put us in the middle of the marketplace, where we hope to be able to reach those who do not yet know the Lord.  This is an opportunity to break out of the church walls and be light in the darkness.

It is also a Center for healing. We believe God heals our hearts, our emotions and our bodies. We are here to pray for you and your needs.  We are not a counseling center, simply a group of people who believe that God still heals today.

We have a heart for the nations, indigenous people groups and a ministry of reconciliation.

We believe the Lord has created each people group with specific giftings that the body of Christ needs.   Each people group has a sound, a dance, a message to be released and God is calling them into His house, into His body and we have a heart to link our hearts with them in His Kingdom purposes.  Our desire is to give a place for them to have a voice and release what the Father – Creator of all – has put within them in this strategic hour!

Another key focus of Judah’s Roar is Worship/Warfare – to release spontaneous, prophetic songs, decrees, sounds, dance, arts – that shift and change the spiritual atmosphere over one’s life, a city, a state, a nation.  This is a call to us as ‘sons of God’, to take ground and hold it and increase the Kingdom of God.  We do this from a place of intimacy and devotion with Jesus, our Warrior King.

The Alliance
Judah’s Roar Tribe