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Eagle & Dove Ministries has been called by God as a Gatekeeper Ministry.  We believe that the restoration of this nation cannot come forth fully without the First Nations people, who are the original Gatekeepers of Turtle Island (North America).  Our heart is to see the restoration of honor, dignity, voice and culture in our First Nations brothers and sisters.  We feel called to offer a platform for First Nations and stand alongside each other in covenant relationship.

We believe that the Body of Christ is incomplete without First Nations – Native Americans – Indigenous People Groups.  They came forth from the Father’s Heart and carry unique giftings, cultures, and creative expressions of His Kingdom, which reveal aspects of His Heart & Nature.

We have hosted several gatherings with First Nations leaders for healing of the land and hearts of the people, for restoration and building of relationships. Team members have travelled to Native American reservations in the United States and Canada to come alongside, to love and to serve.

We stood alongside our First Nations, Inuit and Metis brothers and sisters in Canada in 2010 at the Forgiven Summit as they accepted the apology given by the Nation of Canada for atrocities committed against them in the Boarding Schools.


About First Nations


Who are the First Nations:

We are called First Nations simply because we are the First Ethnic groups of Peoples to occupy the land of any given country or territory.

In the United States, we are known as the American Indians or Native Americans. In Canada we are known as First Nations, Inuit and Meti.

Globally, we are known officially as Aboriginal or Indigenous Peoples. In North America alone, we are several hundred distinct Nations; each with our own language and cultural heritages. We have always functioned with a Tribal society of Community, Chiefs, Clan Mothers and Elders. Honor and Protocol are central to how we relate to God and one another on a daily basis. We have always Known God to be our Father, and the only one worthy of our worship. Many of our peoples also knew that he had a Son and we lived dependant on the guidance of His Spirit and Grace to provide for our daily needs. In North America we once numbered close to 85,000,000 People. This was of course prior to the arrival of the European Peoples. Within 100 years of occupation, our Peoples were reduced to 2,000,000 souls; all because of the spread of disease, genocide, and aggressive assimilation policies carried out by both the government and the religious establishment of the day.

Father God in his wisdom placed our Peoples on the Land as the Original Gate Keepers and Stewards of the Land. (Acts 17:24 – 28)

This means that it was always Gods intention that we care for the Spiritual and Physical well being of the Land that he placed us on; this is still Gods purpose for us today. When we are walking fully in our roles as Gatekeepers, Hosts and Stewards, the Land is Blessed, and all People can see the Goodness and Glory of God in such a way that their hearts turn to Him. The opposite, unfortunately, is a curse coming upon the Land. We always knew that one day, Peoples would come from a faraway Land; sent by our Father and Creator. We anticipated this, and as the Host People we welcomed those who came as brothers and sisters; since we had the same Father. Our heart was to learn from the European more about the Creators Son. We in turn would share our deep understanding of who Creator was as Father and Mother to all his children. Also we would impart our Wisdom and experience of Stewarding the Land and resources in an honoring and sustainable way.

Sadly, this is not what happened, our Peoples were decimated, the land and resources raped and Fathers heart broken.

But, there is good news! As our Peoples forgive those who so deeply wounded us; as we repent from our bitterness and are healed from our shame… We are once again empowered to take our place in the land as the Original inhabitants. God has not changed his mind about us, nor about those who have come to our land from around Turtle Island* (planet earth). We can and will one day walk together as Children of the One Creator and Father of us all!

As we do, our Land will be healed, People will turn and worship the One True God, and Yeshua the Son of God will return to the earth and Restore all things.

As First Nations, we recognize You Israel as being the First of all First Nations and our older Brother. Through Yeshua (Jesus) we have God’s written Word, forgiveness of our sins and an inheritance in both your Land and your People. Through our common history of suffering, perseverance and the Grace of God; you hold a special place in our hearts and our destiny. We do and will stand with you at all cost, until we see Messiah face to face!

*Turtle Island is what we call the whole earth as Indigenous Peoples, because of the way the shell of a turtle is made up of different shapes and patterns that are linked yet distinct in design. Many people only refer to North America is being Turtle Island. However, it originally was a term used to describe the whole earth.

Daniel Goddard



In the beginning The Creator created the earth out of nothing. The Creator created all the living creatures, all living things and all the peoples and placed them in the various places on the earth. This earth we call in our Karina language Gua- an-na or Turtle Island. The peoples are made up of four groups and to each The Creator placed them in charge of different things. The blacks it was the air, the oriental, the yellow was the water, the whites it was fire and the red, us as native people was the earth. Somehow thing got out of balance………

So everywhere on this earth our Creator has placed people as original people of that land with a specific plan and purpose. Here in the Americas from the high Artic to the tip of Chile and all the islands and lands in between is home to many nations as native peoples. All with different languages, traditions and cultures. There was a time (and try to picture this) when all these original peoples placed here by the Creator travel great distances to trade. And yes man being man there were battles. However, there were ancient trade routes and some of us as native peoples believe we will see this again.


The concept of owning land was a new one to our peoples. We believed we were placed here to take care of it and in return she will take care of us. How can she be sold? How can the water be sold? Yet this too is sold and the same for our air, we now have “air time”.

It seems that man will always try to make a way to sell the sacred to make a buck. And what better way than to take away the rights or remove the original peoples of the land. Through men the evil one has tried and is still trying to remove the authority of the peoples our Creator has placed here. Yet we are still here and we are willing and able to complete the job that was given to us.

Because what has happened to our native peoples over the last five hundred years is an attempt to remove our authority over the land, air and water, a lot of our peoples are wandering around in shame, lost history and lost identity (and this goes for all peoples). Some of us are walking around unable to walk in the fullness in who the Creator created us to be. But I believe that a day soon coming when our Creator is going to make a way that fathers of the land will be restored so that we can be the fathers to the fatherless and the true host peoples to all the nations that have settled here and within ourselves. Demonstrating both in the natural and supernatural Love of the Father of all.

(Abouyou) Gerard and (Tayaliti) Peta Roberts
Karina Tribe and Taino Tribe


As First Nations people we continue to live and walk as the original and host peoples of this land, walking in communion with Father/Son/Holy Spirit and in communion/community – heart to heart with those God is bringing together in divine heart alliance for His Holy Kingdom Purposes.

Through the covenant we have with our Father in Heaven we seek to walk in the original intent of Father for Native and non-native to walk and celebrate together – His Covenant Love with honor and truth.

Gatherings such at The Stand in Ottawa this past June brought together leaders, spiritual fathers/mothers and generations to come and stand together for God’s standards in Canada, Americas and beyond.

The goal was to rebuild, restore, renew the devastation of First Nations people and of the nation(s).

Gatherings such as Standing Still of First nations here in Gloucester – one of the eastern gateways of America – to stand in holy worship and decree before Holy God – crying out, declaring, decreeing, singing, dancing  …….of the One Who Rules and Reigns in our hearts – to see the land healed, delivered and veil lifted from eyes of men’s hearts to God’s original intention/dreams for America(s).  To declare we are standing still before You Creator God – aligning our hearts and spirits with Yours – and we are still standing – through it all – we are still standing as Your host people stewarding this land.

As First Nations we continue to extend forgiveness for the atrocities done to our people, and continue to listen and seek His divine guidance for restoration. We bless the land, bring healing to the land and to regions which affects and transforms atmospheres held captive because of the sin on/in the land.

Father God created us with gifts that are needed within the Body,

Gifts such as walking honi to honi, breath to breath with God, and then to walk as a family together face to face, heart to heart –

Gifts as seers to see as Heaven sees to bring divine perspective and insight to walk as keepers of the land and each others hearts, that His Kingdom would truly rule and reign on earth as it is in Heaven through true holy covenants of light and life from the Father of Lights, the Son who is Light and Holy Spirit’s infilling of glory. We bless, we forgive, we seek true unity.

Donna Milham (Lion Dancing) Athabaskan