by Jen Brinton

All of the eloquence of a skilled wordsmith is inadequate to describe any aspect of who You are.  When the words tumble from my lips, it feels like a child’s soliloquy – full of heart, but certainly not refined.
Yet, when I truly reflect on You, there is but one word that rises to the surface of my heart… precious.
Why?  Because of the tenderness of Your heart, yet the fierce and jealous love with which You guard me. Because of Your faithfulness, and because of so much more.
All of the riches of the world become as mere dust when I glimpse Your face.
The thought of You causes every storm to quiet.
A glimpse, a moment, is all it takes to shift – to draw me out of the grip of self.
Yet, what can be said that is a gift worthy of my King?  Worthy of the One to whom I owe the greatest debt of all?
Every way to express this gratitude is a gift from You – I cannot give anything but what You have first given me.  Even the love I have for You was initiated by You!
And so, I give my thanks, Jesus.

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