by Jen Brinton

When that other worldly feeling comes about
and the clouds look like mountains
as if there is another land
just beyond the horizon
that was not there before

When the sunlight gives the trees a golden tint
and the hour of dusk is nigh
as if the world were on fire
but it does not burn

It is clear there is something more
than what we see with the naked eye
in these moments, when Heaven breaks through –
a deep contrast to the mundanities of life
and it is a love letter from our Heavenly Father –

Though without the mundane –
the regular repetition of what must happen –
the beating of the heart and the breathing
of which we think nothing until it is lost –
life could not be

We can become so familiar with ourselves, that we forget the wonder that we inspire in Jesus’s heart. We gasp in wonder at a beautiful sunset – He gasps in wonder at a glance from our eyes. We can forget the intricacies of how He orchestrates every single detail in creation, that we can even take our next breath.

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