Jesus Didn’t Answer Them – Until…

Jesus Didn’t Answer Them – Until…

Donna Milham

John 8:1-11 TPT

Jesus didn’t answer them
Religious law keepers screamed in His Grace filled ears
He refused, He chose not to respond
He bent down
He wrote with His Eternal Finger
In the dust
Dust that He had shaped mankind from

Religion shouted – demanding answers to their questions –
“Tell us, what do you say we should do with her?”
Noone can force I AM to respond
Certainly not spirits of condemnation
Nor anger demanding another human sacrifice on the altar of legalism

Jesus Stood Up in the very midst of the sounds of accusation
His very standing in the ‘mist’ of demonic spewing
Disrupted its swirling intent
He intentionally LOOKED right at them
Into their eyes
Piercing TRUTH – looking to see
Was there any light or GRACE or MERCY within their souls
As Divine Protector of the ones He left Heaven for
He speaks –
“Let’s have the man who has never had a sinful desire throw the first stone at her”
Never, Never, Never, Never – ECHOED around their hardened hearts and demonically filled thoughts
And like lightning flashing – exposed the stark reality –
They were all guilty
None were innocent
ALL required stoning
Jesus CHOSE to let ‘TRUTH’ ring its resounding chorus and silence ‘the accuser’

So He bent down again and wrote some more – in the dust He Created
The very ‘dust’ knew WHO HE was
All of creation knew and watched
Conviction’s Sound resounded in the atmosphere
Like a quick moving thunder cloud
It swallowed up – ‘the law’
And released – Grace & Mercy
Let him, let him, let him…………who has no sin…………..
A thunderous VOICE of Jealous Caring and Compassion – SILENCED
Everything and everyone
IN SILENCE of that moment
The thud of the rocks of murderous religious spirit’s plot – hit the ground
Releasing the sound – the sentence of death nullified
By the sound of holy conviction
From The LAMB Who Chose to come
He was displaying before all to see and hear that day
And man’s CHOICES be displayed
ALL are gone now –
Stillness in the air
Grace is hovering as a blanket of Mercy
To clothe a naked, shame-filled daughter with dignity and hope

He stands up – second time
With a Voice of the True Shepherd
ASKS – ‘dear woman, where are your accusers, is there no one here to condemn you?”
Divine Eternal Question –
Where are your accusers, accusers, accusers……???????

The demons panicking – no one is left –
They are now stricken from this ‘arena’
They had thought was well prepared for another sacrifice
Of a beloved child of God
Is there no one here…?????

Stunned – she had awaited the blows of burial stones
Instead she heard thuds – but too afraid to even peek
Wide-eyed – openly Look Around
And still not able to fully comprehend
“I see no one, Lord”

Noone, no one, no one –
WHO could silence such a crowd
WHAT could cause this death parade to cease its march and surrender its demand
HE ALONE – Lord of Mercy
Eternal Lamb stood in her midst and declared her
It rang from Eternity
He was slain before the foundation of the earth
And now supernaturally – suddenly
Resounds in this ‘now’ moment of time

He speaks for final time in this epic drama before Heaven and hell
“Then I, certainly DON’T condemn you either – GO and from now on BE FREE from a life of sin”

‘I DON’T condemn you
From now on
Be Free
From a life of sin’

“I don’t” – CANCELS out sins demand of a price to be paid
“GO” – breaks the chains of sin’s captivity that would want to hold her and fasten her to her past
To limit her moving in a miniscule circle of ‘if only’ and ‘the shame of the past’
Rehearsing with the demons of remorse
Her life a waste and a total loss
Saved this time– BUT screaming – we will have an opportunity again
You’ll be back and so will we and next time –
Who will save you?

Eternal One’s Voice continues
“From now on – Be Free from life of sin”
You are safe within Our Arms
Abide there
We clothe you with – forgiveness
We adorn you with – hope
We fill you with – rest
Breathe in atmosphere that NOW surrounds you
“Perfect Love casts out all fear”

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