The Prophecy Fulfilled

The Prophecy Fulfilled
by Lupe’ King

O’ Ancient of Days, there you lay in Mary’s arms,
Fully human, fully God, King of Eternity

Beautiful babe!

At exact, precise and divine moment,
From Prophecy, You stepped out!
Swaddled babe, Eternal Hope,
You stretched out your infantile arms
And loosed quite the wail!

In timeless unseen realms, atmospheres
Stratospheres, realms, regions and domains…
A Lion’s roar of unimaginable might tore through
Heaven and earthly realms, announcing,

I AM, I AM, is here!

To snatch you back, O Creation-Man,
And tear you from the enemy’s hands
To breath impart; to bring you back to Life!

To tear the veils from your eyes
That you may see again!

My Euroclydon Winds I’ve loosed
On your behalves in seen and unseen realms

O’ Blessed Creation Man!

To free you from the tempest, the blocks, the snares
The strategies, the plots, the ploys, the tactics,

Of the enemy of your souls.

I have come for you and because of you

I AM, I AM is here!

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