Art by Murray Hart

by Jen Brinton

So many threads in so many colors
Woven together in a glorious tapestry
Some are but flashes and flickers
While others form a strong background ––
A foundation on which the others can make their mark.
Not one thread is exactly the same,
And alone, each would be breakable ––
A weak strand easily snapped.
But together, with hearts intertwined,
They become part of a fabric
Stronger together, so intricately woven
It is difficult to tell
Where one begins and another ends.
Skillfully put into place
Not by the hands of man,
But by the Master Artist Himself.
He knows exactly where this one belongs,
Where that one cannot go,
Where one needs another to stand as one thread,
That neither would give way.
With His wisdom and with great joy,
He weaves us together –– a living tapestry.

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