The Drawn Sword

The Drawn Sword
by Dyane Beaudette

My King has drawn His sword
Ready to separate bone and marrow
Removing everything that hinders love
Though there is still gentleness in His eyes
As he gazes deeply at me
There is also a glint of fierceness
That would cause thousands to flee

No longer a babe in a manger
Though He still walks with me in the garden
He is my Shepherd but now I see the King of Glory Who is in full battle array; Armed and ready

Suddenly He looks at me with tenderness
He places a sword in my hand and says
Use the authority you have as a son
Fight by my side my Bride
This is the time for courage, this is the time to be bold

There are giants to be slain and captives to be rescued
For a great battle is on the horizon
But do not fear, I will be with you
Victory is at hand
For the cry “It is finished”
Still echoes across the land

The Mighty One, The commander of heaven’s host Now raises a piercing formidable war cry
I know this is a holy moment
Then holding my sword high I release a cry of my own“
For the King and for the Kingdom! “
And then I hear the voices of countless others
In unison with mine

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