Call Of The Bride


Call Of The Bride

Karen Elliott

He who has an ear to hear, listen!
The time is drawing near and
The road is growing even more narrow
The call is still for all to come
But few will choose this path.

Clothed in wedding garments of readiness
The Bride keeps watch
Her lamp casting its glow through the dark night
It is filled with precious oil
she knows that extra oil is desperately needed in this hour.

This is the oil that comes from intimacy
It is a costly oil
It comes from time spent in the Secret Place
Pouring out from His Presence and overflowing
It keeps the fire burning on her heart’s altar

She has been through the refiner’s fire
Allowing its work in her heart
She now burns brightly with love’s desire
She is ready, awake, alert
Ever vigilant
Her lamp burns brightly with fresh oil

The hour draws near
Listen! Listen carefully!
Can you hear His footsteps at the door?
In desperation and holy desire
The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

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