Angel Wings


Angel Wings

Lupe King
Angel wings unfurl about me
In Father’s embrace I am held;
  Rest arrives via vibrations of
Father’s beating heartI feel Your Presence…so full and heavy
With Your love!My sobs You have heard,
My tears You have stored in Your bottlesLife is hard, but greater and stronger
Is Your all consuming love!Peace and comfort have come, via holy,
Miraculous perspectives of our eternal home

Situations…circumstances, now ‘SHIFT!’
In Jesus’ Name, what was, no longer is!
The King has stepped down
And made His Presence known.

Your Kingly hand upon Your peoples
Announce to our enemies:
We are Your children and non can
bring us harm!

We are clothed in White
bearing rings of gold

We raise a blood red banner…
Covered in His authority, we raise
His banner for all to see…

We turn and dance before our enemies…
fortresses come crashing down…

Our Father has granted us,
battle grounds of access, to all the fallen and
broken ground…

Multitudes of evil drones-taken out!
Driven to whence they came.

We are no longer the same;
beaten and ashamed

Today we arise and stand strong in our God,
We take the ground of our lives,
And declare, VICTORY!!!

As we dance before His throne
While upon the enemy/ies head/s

Bless be the name of our Lord,
Jesus, the Love of our Souls!

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