Which Table


Donna Milham

I will gladly sit at the Feet of my Master, My Savior
than try to fulfill the
Spoken & unspoken requirements of
Hierarchies and religious systems of man
The promised name plaque –
If you will only………
There is a seat at Father’s Table
With my name written
My place marked and established
By His Costly Blood
A Blood marked seat
A name tag written in His Holy Blood
Crimson Red Love
Any attempt to ‘earn’ my place
Is an insult to the Cross
I come to His Cry
all who are thirsty – all who are hungry
Come and drink – come and eat – feast on ME
Eat of My Divine Body
Drink in My sacrificial Love
Take your place
Prepared by the Holy Three
The table of Divine celebration and acceptance
The table of humility and grace
Dining with and on
The Living Bread
Swallowing up every last remnant of that which would respond to religion’s
EAT the Loaf of the Suffering Servant and the Risen King
Nothing of ‘self’ can remain at My Table
Enter into the poured out life
From entrapments and entanglements of man’s thoughts and ways

Yahweh’s Table permits
Eat of Me
Drink of Me
Die with Me
Rise in Me
Untouchable hearts
Deafened ears to religious performance’s call
What better place is there to be than at His Table
Where you are known, waited and longed for
Valued and esteemed
A table of joy
A table of belonging
Choose well sons and daughters
“Who” you sit with matters
Do they know your name?
Do they value who you are?
You and your heart
Nothing more and nothing less!

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