Stay With Me

Artwork by Karen Elliott

There is no better place to be when we see so much unrest, fear, and injustice happening in the world than in His Presence. Take time to be with Him today!

Karen Elliott
Feel the holy drawing of pure, sacred love
Letting your heart burn with its fire
Awakened and aflame with consuming desire
Longing for that glorious collision
With divine love
Hear the sound of the Beloved’s voice
Like the music of many waters
Pulling us into its refreshing

Be still and listen
He is here!
Feel His breath
Surrounding, encircling
Beckoning us to enter and linger
in the place of His Presence
“He who dwells with Me in the Secret Place
Shall abide with Me
Beneath the shadow of My wings
Here you will find rest and
Here you will find joy
Here you will find peace and refuge for your soul.
Come and dwell with Me in the Secret Place
I’m waiting here for you”

Before us, an open door
A cloud filled chamber
A Holy Place of Divine intimacy!
Stepping over the threshold our heart is faint with love
What wonder beyond what our mind can conceive
What glorious encounter of His enveloping Presence
Breath and life
Light, sound and color
All mingled together
Sunrise of glory growing brighter and brighter
As love’s light consumes with passion’s holy fire
Divine exchange taking place
Let’s tarry here and gaze into His eyes
Face to face
Overtaken with love’s grip
Melting into His brilliance
As He says…
“Stay, just a little bit longer
O won’t you stay,
Say you will”

I will

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