Nothing to Proove


 Donna Milham

Nothing to prove – no response to the enemy’s schemes and taunting
Settled once and for all
Who we are – HIS!

It was all His idea
He formed us and shaped us
Knew exactly our identity and purpose
First to know Him – holy communion
To worship and adore
To know ALL He wants to reveal
To us and through us
From organic union
By Holy Spirit
Glorious One within
Never doubt

Oh, what a SMILE on His Face
When we do, and live from
The Rest of Knowing –
Who we are!

We will not be pushed into – premature identity
We will not be held back in – false identity
We will walk in what HE won back

Communion – walking in the cool of the day
In the mist of His Presence – damp with the Dew of the morning
The Risen One within

It is well with my soul
Nothing to prove
Settled at the CROSS!!

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