by Dyane Beaudette

In the middle of the storm
There are voices all around
Saying go here, go there
But Father is speaking: “stay the course,
Hold firm and look only to me”.

When all seems chaotic
And all sorts of narratives are being told
The truth can be discovered in His Word
And in listening to the voice of our Shepherd
Where peace can be found
And the path to be taken is shown.

There is an invitation that was issued
It comes from the Throne room
There is a knock at the door of your heart
If you quiet other voices you will hear:
“Will you dine with me in the presence
Of your enemies?”

As you sit at the table with Your Beloved
You will receive the strength and insight
To remain steadfast and true
In the midst of all the clamor around you.

This is the era for overcomers to arise
The valiant unstoppable ones
who ride with the King to establish His reign.

So do not shrink back in fear
Or let your love grow cold and take offense
And be deceived because if what seems
Like help is late in coming.

But look from above through the eye of the eagle
For a great celebration awaits
Those who are trusting their King
And remain loyal and true.

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