Take Courage My Heart


Take courage my heart
Dyane Beaudette
Amidst the chaos and turmoil
Stay alert and on guard
For despair and discouragement
Are laying in wait for you

Be strong and courageous
While keeping your sword in one hand
And a trowel in the other
Confident of your Father’s love
And who He has called you to be

Do not be dismayed at what you see
But look through the eyes of the Eagle
With the heart of the Lion and
The love of a Bride
For we are not alone

It is not by the world’s means
That this battle will be won
But by Spirit and Might
For the King is coming
With the armies of heaven to take charge

So rest in assurance and trust O my heart
For the nations belong to our King
Though you may not understand
And deliverance appears to tarry
Our Hero, Our King has a plan
He is the Victorious One
And no one can stand in His way!

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