Creation Speaks

Photo by Karen Elliott (Molokai, Hawaii 2014)

Creation Speaks

by Jen Brinton

The mountains proclaim Your majesty with their hues of purple and blue.
The places of the deep speak of the fathomless depths of Your love, and the ocean’s tide of Your everlasting faithfulness.
The forests roar Your name when You release the winds and cause them to dance. In the autumn, their leaves change to fire and gold, blanketing the earth with Your glory.
The erupting volcano proclaims Your passion, which will never fade.
The birds sing Your praise every hour of the day, while the owl speaks of Your wisdom in the night.
Wild horses dance and play, leaping, pivoting, and tossing their manes – reminding us of Your own playfulness.
The kookaburra and the pileated woodpecker both laugh in their respective forests, just as You sit in the heavens and laugh at Your foes.
The lightenings and thunderings tell us of Your authority over all of creation – as You say, it shall be.
Even the planets and the stars have their own songs that they sing, which can only be heard in the heavens.
Everything in creation cries our Your name, joining the worship in Heaven in a magnificent symphony.
We catch but a small part, but You hear the whole – the melodies, the harmonies, the rhythms and sounds. The dances, the flashes of color, the extravagant and the simple. All woven together in a vast display, the likes of which only You could have orchestrated.
Like a child trying to be like their Father, we cannot even come close to Your perfect skill. Yet you still love it when we try.

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