Holy Adoration – Come Let Us Adore Him


by Donna Milham

It all began with holy adoration and it will be summed up eternally and forever with those whose hearts are postured to hear and respond to Heaven’s beckoning

Shepherds in a field a wintry evening
Keeping watch over their flocks
A suddenly from Heaven displays the glory of God
An angel from on High appearing
Carrying the message of Good News
The Savior is born in Bethlehem

They do not question the messenger or the message
Armies of heaven appear praising God
Singing the promise over the shepherds
Over the earth
They heard, they ran, to see
A baby, a King, in a feeding trough

King of Kings stepped out of Heaven
Leaving behind royal robes, royal Throne and Majesty
He was now wrapped in strips of cloth
Simple adorning, humble beginnings
No earthly riches on display
Hundreds were not there
No procession or crowds
Shepherds, stable, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus
Praises to God – wondrous joy
They heard – they saw
Face to face
Their Redeemer

Simeon would be next to adore
Praising and prophesying
Anna would encounter Him that very same day
84 years in the temple – worshipping God
She explodes with praises and song

The three wise men would be next
They had one purpose, and goal
To bow before the King of Kings
To worship and adore
Their suddenly came in a star directing their path
Holy guidance from Above
To hearts postured in holy adoration
Their encounter with this child King
They fell to the ground and worshipped
They brought lavish gifts
But the greatest gift was themselves prostrate before Him

He was born as all babies, naked, clothed in simplicity
He died on a cross, naked – despised and scorned
His seamless robe was gambled for on the ground below the cross
Just above their heads the Savior hung
The Roman captain awestruck
“I have no doubt we just killed the Righteous One”*
They buried him in linen – costly expensive fabric
Unlike Lazarus who was bound in simple bandages, common material
Jesus was laid in one large linen sheet
Spices – costly – as at his birth
These were specially prepared
He was wrapped in the riches of the world
Yet nothing could match the Eternal Riches of His Kingdom
He spoke the sky and stars into place
He could call upon these to wrap Him in creation’s splendor

On His ascension they worshipped and adored
This King now seated on His Eternal Royal Throne

At His return
Clothed in light and glory
A Golden crown upon His head
Brilliant with radiant splendor
And all will worship
All will bow down
All will adore
O come let us adore Him!

*(Luke  23:47TPT)

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