Artwork by Jen Brinton


by Jen Brinton


There is nothing so precious as the Blood of the Lamb.
Not silver or gold.
Not all the riches in the earth – not even combined.
Nothing in all of creation compares to this priceless treasure.
With it, He bought back the souls of mankind, freeing our hearts once more to choose Life over death.


He stepped down from the Throne — the very Throne of Heaven that is surrounded by emerald rainbows, mystic beings, and angels without number. He walked past the Sapphire Sea, His glory reflecting back at Him from the waters, and stepped into
the womb of a humble maiden.

This majestic King of Kings, the Ancient of Days, exuding warmth and holy light without measure, humbled himself most scandalously.

And yet, this same Ancient One — this same One, Whose presence draws forth holy silence and awe, yet also the most exuberant worship — gave Himself completely —
every last drop of His blood — so that we might be free of the grip of darkness.

This One who is, was, and ever shall be — this One who formed the very substance of the universe and shaped it into creation — this One who drew the boundaries of the sea, and placed everything in the solar system just so we would have a
suitable place to live — this One lives inside of us.

“What is man, that You would pay us any heed?” Or so, the psalmist asked a great many years ago. The question still lingers, still flavored with a hint of holy awe and wonder.

How very much You must love us, to set aside Your royal robes and many, many crowns to become like us, live like us, and spill every precious drop of that crimson liquid,just to be with us.

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