Mary’s Do You Know – Joseph’s Do You Know? by eagledove

Donna Milham

Mary did she know?
Mary’s, do you know
WHO is inside of you?
See afresh this ‘now’ season upon the earth
The King is waiting to be birth again
And again
And again
Through you
Holy impregnation time
Upon the earth
Heaven is seeking for spiritual wombs
To carry that which is precious and holy in His Sight
End time purposes
That will come forth
Not with a baby’s cry
But a Lion’s Roar
For it is the time for the King of Kings Mandates to be
And move across the earth
Mary did you know
You are one of these?

Joseph’s, do you know
What He has deposited within you
it is harvest time of His holy seed within
Your surrendered ‘yes’
Waters the seeds of promise
Holy Spirit has put within your spirit
It is time for your harvest to come forth
Of Heaven’s provision –
Divine Counsel & Might
Joseph’s, do you know
That what He is calling you to
He will fully provide for

Mary’s, do you know – Joseph’s, do you know?
It is time
Not your will, but His be done
In you and through you
That His Divine Purposes are birth in this hour!

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The Music Box by eagledove

The Music Box
Dyane BeaudetteTrue friendship is not passive
It is honest and speaks words tempered with love
It is a stirring of hearts that brings change
A friend’s counsel is sweet and its wisdom
Keeps us on the shining path
That God has set before us
The excitement in our voices as we share
Would cause some to say:
“They wind each other up”
And I admit there is truth in this
For our time spent together
Is like a music box when you wind the key
It releases a sound
That can only come forth
With the joining of our hearts
Its music has the power to break isolation
And all the lies that it whispers
Its echoes reaches the heavenly realms
And it gladdens the heart of God

Art design by R. Kamal @ Art Vector

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Relationship – Relationship – Relationship by eagledove

by Donna Milham


I hear the cry in the spirit realm from hearts of those who have left churches and fellowship – wandering, looking, dissatisfied – I believe most are looking for relationship, true relationship.

I hear the cry of those in the world, alone, frightened – looking for ‘family’ – a place where their hearts can rest and be refreshed.  Looking for a place where they fit and belong – community.

The kind of relationship that when you don’t show up at a gathering, you are truly missed.
The kind that when you do show up, you are embraced, loved, and valued.
The kind that allows you to be transparent and be yourself and you are accepted with the understanding that we are all in the process of being made into His likeness.
Our relationships are critical to this shaping process within us – individually and corporately.

It is face to face fellowship, where you can truly look into each others eyes and share from your hearts because you have looked into His Eyes and are secure in His Love.  From His Love within our hearts, we can have relationships that honor each other and enables us to see the gold and preciousness within each life.

We live in a time where our ‘independence’ attempts to rule our lives and our ‘rights’ can scream in our ears affecting our decisions and relationships.  However, we gave up our ‘rights’ when we accepted Jesus as our Savior and Lord and we are called to live in community, in body life, understanding that what we do or don’t do affects those around us.  We truly are not free to do whatever we please, not if we are to be true disciples and followers of Jesus Christ.  He is our life and focus and we seek to bring Him pleasure through intimate relationship with Him and walking out our lives in simple obedience to what He asks of us.

Others may have freedoms that you have not been given.  Some will call you a legalist or religious, however there is a narrow path and way that those who follow Him understand they must remain on and not be detoured.  Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom, liberty, love – but in that freedom there are boundaries that he draws with His Hand around our lives that guard and protect and shape us to be like Him.  We have those boundaries individually as well as corporately.  His Mighty Right Hand that drew the boundaries of the seas and rivers and continents – guide us and hold us and lead us in all truth on paths of light filled with His Wisdom.

Relationship, relationship, relationship – for me the relationships He has given to me are the most precious treasures in my life.  I seek to walk in greater love, transparency and honor with each special individual God has lovingly knit my heart with.  Relationship with Him and relationship with those around me – the symbol of the cross- vertical and horizontal love.

The Father knows exactly where we live, our address, and the desires of our hearts.
He has always been and always will be about ‘family’.  He sent His Son that we might become His sons and daughters – family!

Holy Spirit is unlimited in His creative ability to link us with those who we are destined to journey with through life in precious fellowship.
May we be those whose arms are open wide to embrace those He sends our way and where He sends us to others.  May we live within His Divine Embrace and let it flow through us – reaching out and walking together as family.

Oh, Father give us fresh eyes to see each other and honor each other and love each other as You love us.  For the glory of Your Name!

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Nothing to Proove by eagledove


 Donna Milham

Nothing to prove – no response to the enemy’s schemes and taunting
Settled once and for all
Who we are – HIS!

It was all His idea
He formed us and shaped us
Knew exactly our identity and purpose
First to know Him – holy communion
To worship and adore
To know ALL He wants to reveal
To us and through us
From organic union
By Holy Spirit
Glorious One within
Never doubt

Oh, what a SMILE on His Face
When we do, and live from
The Rest of Knowing –
Who we are!

We will not be pushed into – premature identity
We will not be held back in – false identity
We will walk in what HE won back

Communion – walking in the cool of the day
In the mist of His Presence – damp with the Dew of the morning
The Risen One within

It is well with my soul
Nothing to prove
Settled at the CROSS!!

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What Does It Look Like When the King of Kings Walks the Earth? by eagledove

What Does It Look Like When
the King of Kings Walks the Earth?

Jen Brinton
Let the weight of today
And yesterday
And tomorrow
Fall from your shoulders
The burden of things not done
The regret of chances lost
The words left unspoken
The things that are fresh on your mind
Let it all fall to the ground
Dance on My breath
Let it lift you above earthly things
Let Me teach you how to fly
My joy — your strength.
Today, tomorrow, every day
Lost in the wonder
Washed in My blood
Freed from the chains of sin and death
You were created to fly!
I was in worship, and I saw myself dancing in a golden field – in the way that I always long to dance. As I did this, each step took me higher and higher, until I was dancing and twirling midair.
In His gaze
In His joy and pleasure
Secure in who and what He created me to be
Doing what He created me to do
We dance because we cannot fly in the natural.
We dance because it teaches us to fly.
We dance to enact on earth the movements of Heaven.
We dance to release the angelic
To cause strongholds to tumble down
To release others into freedom
His steps through our feet
What does it look like when the King of Kings walks the earth?
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Live Looking Up! by eagledove

Photo by Chickie Taylor

This sunflower looked into the face of God, looking for that blessed hope!
Chickie Taylor

Donna Milham

As Jesus lifted the bread and looked up to Heaven, to His Father
He revealed to us how we are to live as His disciples
Revealing to us where all of our spiritual, emotional and physical provision comes from

Receiving our commands from the Holy Three, we –
Live Looking Up
Our head in the heavens
Our feet on the earth

Walking and living within His Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation!
Releasing – ‘on earth as it is in heaven’!
Every step, every breath from the realms of living our lives – LOOKING UP!

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His Life Became a Decree by eagledove

Donna Milham

Phil. 3:7 – “Yet all of the accomplishments that I once took credit for, I’ve now forsaken them and I regard it all as nothing compared to the delight of experiencing Jesus Christ as my Lord!”


Paul is saying here that ALL the accomplishments of his life
He has NOW forsaken – regarding them as absolutely nothing compared to –
The Delight of Experiencing Jesus Christ as my Lord
Of truly KNOWING Him
Enriched in the REALITY of this –
Not echoing somebody else
Of Knowing & Embracing HIM

Religion cries out to us with its evil fingers
Trying to entrap our souls with lurings of ‘greatness’
Remember when….
Parading before us former accomplishment
or failures
Trying to lure us into its snare
Entrapped in proving ourselves with
endless performance
Endless postings, bios, followers..
Stating ‘this’ is who I am

Hell laughs – HEAVEN WEEPS!

FOR ‘I AM’ emptied HIMSELF and had NO reputation!

Paul – met the ONE WHO IS LIGHT- and all he once was, became burned,
Consumed – like a burning rubbish heap,
All he accomplished, all of his degrees – now in the ashes

Overcame and defeated every other desire

NOT for a moment at an altar, in a gathering
Embracing HIM & the Greatness of HIS NAME

A banner waving
Releasing and displaying


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Voices by eagledove


by Dyane Beaudette

In the middle of the storm
There are voices all around
Saying go here, go there
But Father is speaking: “stay the course,
Hold firm and look only to me”.

When all seems chaotic
And all sorts of narratives are being told
The truth can be discovered in His Word
And in listening to the voice of our Shepherd
Where peace can be found
And the path to be taken is shown.

There is an invitation that was issued
It comes from the Throne room
There is a knock at the door of your heart
If you quiet other voices you will hear:
“Will you dine with me in the presence
Of your enemies?”

As you sit at the table with Your Beloved
You will receive the strength and insight
To remain steadfast and true
In the midst of all the clamor around you.

This is the era for overcomers to arise
The valiant unstoppable ones
who ride with the King to establish His reign.

So do not shrink back in fear
Or let your love grow cold and take offense
And be deceived because if what seems
Like help is late in coming.

But look from above through the eye of the eagle
For a great celebration awaits
Those who are trusting their King
And remain loyal and true.

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Look Beyond the Storm by eagledove


Photo by Karen Elliott

Look Beyond the storm
Dyane Beaudette

Rise up O my soul and do not be distressed
By what you see and hear and the evil
That appears to be rising
Do not look at the size of the waves
Nor fear the gathering dark clouds
For the Eternal One, Our King and our Lord
Commander of the Angel Armies
Reigns over all and is never shaken
He is closely watching all that is happening
And His heavenly rule will prevail
But you, O my soul stay steadfast and strong
Depend on God’s grace
Guard against the whispering lies
that attempt to take over your thoughts
But rather consider His great love for you
And hold on to the anchor of hope
The ache and longing you feel in your heart
Can not be fulfilled by this world
It is the haunting echoes of Eden
The cry of your heart for the Kingdom of God
And the restoration of all things
So let the voice of your heart
Join with the voice of the Spirit
And in unison cry out
“Even so Lord Jesus come quickly!”

Hebrews 9:28 “…… And now to those who eagerly await Him,
He will appear a second time; not to deal with sin,
but to bring us the fullness of salvation”
Revelation 2:20 “…….He who testifies and affirms these things says,
“Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

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2022 Schedule by eagledove

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Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center
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January 8. 2022

Please join us as we gather together at the Gloucester United Methodist Church building to celebrate the Lord in worship, prayer and the word.
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Donna Milham will be sharing!


Donna has a passion to truly live a life of holy union with the Lord – to accept and extend His invitation into the intimate places of His Heart – and to share with others the journey of the communing of our hearts and spirits with the Lord. She is a revelatory teacher, always seeking to explore the heights and depths of His Word, seeking to bring forth understanding of the mysteries of His Kingdom. Her desire is for people to know the love of God the Father in an experiential way and to discover their true identity in Christ. She is an author who paints with words what the eyes of her heart see and to bring them forth for others to encounter the realms of His unending love and truth. Donna Milham is founder of Eagle & Dove Ministries and Judah’s Roar Church.

Gloucester United Methodist Church, 436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA

Call for questions or more information: 978-290-1180








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