Enter In by eagledove

Nicky Williams Art

Enter In

Jen Brinton

Entering into Your heart
Through Your spear-torn side
Into the inner sanctuary of Your being
The life is in the Blood
And the Blood flows through Your heart
Cleansing, filling, sanctifying, redeeming…

Surrounded now, enclosed in You
I hear it resounding
Resonating through my whole being ––
Your heartbeat
Causing every atom of my being to vibrate in cadence
This is the place from which new things are birthed
This is where You conceived the thought of me

It is here, at the center of Your heart
Where You erode the things contrary to You
Pouring into me Your likeness
Your nature
Depositing Your dreams
Your ways
Your compassion
Your creativity

Draw me ever deeper into You

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Call Of The Bride by eagledove


Call Of The Bride

Karen Elliott

He who has an ear to hear, listen!
The time is drawing near and
The road is growing even more narrow
The call is still for all to come
But few will choose this path.

Clothed in wedding garments of readiness
The Bride keeps watch
Her lamp casting its glow through the dark night
It is filled with precious oil
she knows that extra oil is desperately needed in this hour.

This is the oil that comes from intimacy
It is a costly oil
It comes from time spent in the Secret Place
Pouring out from His Presence and overflowing
It keeps the fire burning on her heart’s altar

She has been through the refiner’s fire
Allowing its work in her heart
She now burns brightly with love’s desire
She is ready, awake, alert
Ever vigilant
Her lamp burns brightly with fresh oil

The hour draws near
Listen! Listen carefully!
Can you hear His footsteps at the door?
In desperation and holy desire
The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

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O Come Let Us Adore Him – Christ The Lord by eagledove


                        – CHRIST THE LORD

Donna Milham
Fall on your knees –
Hear the sound of humility and humble, holy adoration at the One Who came as us and for us.

Oh, hear the angels chorus –
So that we may join in – with one heart cry– ‘on earth as it is in heaven’

Two realms –
One Eternal Song of adoration and awestruck wonder

A fresh glimpse – LOOK AGAIN!!!

All of Heaven declares and resounds
The stars release their song
The moon illuminates the night’s sky
As we seek The ONE Who is worthy
Our spirits hunger and thirst
For the very purpose we were created
To worship our Most High God

Divine Night
Night of all nights
Heaven’s angels announced
Earth’s creation resounded
Creatures watched
In hidden manger
As ‘I AM ‘ came forth

Did the sheep ‘bahhh’ in response
Or ‘bleat’ with joy
I wonder did whales breach, eagles soar, lions roar….

Heaven’s Response to Creation’s Groan
The Last Adam
Of a surrendered womb
‘Be it done unto me according to thy word’
No hesitation
A ‘yes’ of glad surrender
To be – a house
A holy habitation
That Holy Seed
Eternal One
And came forth
GOD in us

First born – New Creation – New Race
Last Adam
Overcoming King

The angels knew WHO this baby was
The shepherds knew
From Heaven’s Holy Announcement
Of Light & Song

Just another night on a hillside
Alone – set apart – watching

The Great Scene in the DRAMA OF THE AGES
The Host of Heaven
Sing the Chorus held for THIS Moment
In the Bosom of the Father –
“Glory to God in the Highest,
And on earth peace, goodwill toward men” (Luke 2:14)

It surrounded and filled them
And moved them to go & seek & find
And they would tell of
The Glorious Face
They gazed upon
The Face of the Eternal Father
In His Son
The Face of Peace & Rest
All is calm – all is bright
Sleeping in heavenly peace

Fear bowed its knee
And gave way to
Eternal hope
For the ETERNAL HOPE was breathing softly
Before them

Three wise men came
Gifts of reverence & provision
Keepers of their encounter
They left in secret
In silent, still hush
They had been
Up close to
‘I AM’
I wonder
Was the manger aglow
As angels watched & the Father’s Gaze
‘Silent night – holy night
All is calm – all is bright’

In the stillness
For those whose eyes could see
And ears could suddenly hear

The baby’s cry
The Lion’s ROAR

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined”
Isaiah 9:2 NKJV

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Atmospheres of Heaven by eagledove

Atmospheres of Heaven
Lupe’ King

Glad tidings on this earth is heard
As men and angels join in song
The wait is over!

The Crowned One has joined us
Loosing the joy of heaven
Sprinkled with Eternal Life!

The Giver gives His Gift to us…
His Eternal Self, The selfless gift
Of Love.

O’ Did He tell you?

As Angel Wings unfurl
Heaven releases Light that
falls upon upturned faces
His Glory is loosed and shines
In Eternal Hope, like His Name,
Angels whisper, “FOREVERMORE.”

Holy Hallelujahs echo in the Halls of Heaven,
Shifting atmospheres and stratospheres
in this terrestrial realm.

Colors of the rainbow shift and mix
Creating nimbuses that circle ’round and ’round
in celebration, via the transcendence of Our God.

Thin places are created upon this earthly realm;
Places of sacredness, Places of peace
As Father joyfully shares Himself from
His own Holy overflow!

He is the Eternal Abundance of Himself
Of all created and existing Holy good.
You, who live in the Forever Realm
You have descended from on high to
Grant us all that You Are
And Forevermore will be

Let us join the dance of
Heaven’s good tidings and joy

Let us join Heaven
A wave of unstoppable praise
The Great and

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Release of the Winds by eagledove

Karen Elliott

“He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth, He sends lightning with the rain, and brings out the wind from His storehouses.” Ps. 135.7
For several months the Lord has been speaking to me the phrase, ‘the wind of the Spirit is blowing.’ As I have been pondering this and seeking Him for what He is speaking, one particular scripture has remained highlighted in my spirit, and that is the one quoted above from Psalm 135:7.  It is also repeated in Jeremiah 10:13.
In the weeks to follow, the Lord would speak to me several things about these winds.

 At first, He spoke about the very familiar scripture in Ezekiel 37:9 about the dry bones.  “Prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath, ‘Thus says the Lord God, ‘Come from the four winds, O breath. Breathe on these slain that they may live.’”
The word ‘breath’ here is ‘ruah’ and denotes, spirit, wind, breath, and can also be courage, and strength.
Verse 10 goes on to say, “So I prophesied as He commanded me, and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet – a vast army.”
I believe with my whole heart that the Lord is breathing a fresh breath upon His people that will refresh us, energize us and bring new life to those areas that have grown dormant and that lack life.  I believe He wants to deposit courage and strength for the times ahead.  I believe it’s important that we ask Him for this fresh breath of life! I know many have already received it and are walking in it!
Then I heard, Joel 3:14, “Multitudes, Multitudes in the Valley of Decision! For the Day of the Lord is near in the Valley of Decision.” 
It’s almost like He is asking once again, ‘choose this day whom you will serve.’ I think too much of the church have chosen to serve the world and just don’t have the courage to choose to serve God and so have compromised their walk with the Savior. Come back, come back, come back to His heart.
We are in a battle, for our lives, for the lives of our loved ones, for our nation and the nations of the world.  We cannot afford to do nothing. We must engage with the Lord and what He is doing. We are His army! He is breathing fresh life into us. Will we posture ourselves to receive it?  I believe that as we do, we will receive it! We must live for and from eternity.
‘We can no longer fill our time with things that have no eternal value.” Greg Crawford, The Breath of God.
Then, I was led to Hebrews 1:7 and Psalm 104:4
“Now about the angels He says: “He makes His angels winds, His servants flames of fire.”
“He makes the winds His messengers, flames of fire His servants.”
The ‘winds’ here are speaking of His angels.
I feel the Lord was saying to me here, that He is releasing His angelic hosts to assist us during these turbulent times. We know that His angels are always with us assisting the heirs of salvation, but I do sense that He is releasing a great number of angels from His storehouses. We are not fighting this battle alone.  Those who are with us are more than those who are with them. (2Kings 6:16)
Lord, thank You that You are releasing the ‘winds’ from Your storehouses.  Breathe Your breath upon us anew. Awaken us where we have grown dormant. Bring fresh life to every dry place in us and impart strength, courage and wisdom for the days ahead. We receive Your wind!
Let the Voice within the wind arouse your heart.

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To Truly Live by eagledove

To Truly Live

Donna Milham

John 12:25 TPT
“The person who loves his life and pampers himself will miss true life!  But the one who detaches his life from this world and abandons himself to Me will find true life and enjoy it forever”

If we do not have anything to die for then I question that we are truly living or have truly lived our lives to our highest potential.

I believe we were created to have our hearts burn with a passion for the Lord and His Kingdom and be willing to lay down our lives, no matter the cost, for His Kingdom purposes to come forth.

What else matters – it is from the place that death has been conquered – that we arise and take our places and live with absolutely no fear of what He asks us to do!  We walk in a holy trust, for this we were created, and if we do not fulfill this, then there is no eternal reason to be here.

We are seated in the heavenlies and seated here on earth – we are of two realms.
One Kingdom, One King!

The trumpet is sounding – hear its eternal blast!  Arise, take your places!
It is costly, costly in our time, our prayers, our tears, our finances, our own desires, perhaps even some of our friends and family – but its rewards are we feel His Pleasure and His Smile.  He is up close, this Man of Passion and Fire- King Jesus – He is there!

The One Who knew the cost and sweat blood in the Garden of Gethsemane – calls us into the Galatians 2:20 lifestyle – our lives are not our own.   We are purchased with His Costly Blood, our value cannot even begin to be configured by this world’s standards!

The King and Lord of All – left Heaven – became a man, died on the cross, rose from the dead and is seated at the Right Hand of the Father.  He says we are seated with Him.  He paid a costly price that I believe we are being called to meditate upon in this season as never before.
THIS is our value, THIS is our worth, THIS tells us who we are!

We are purchased sons.  Now from another realm.  Heaven is our Home – NOW!
We are here on holy mandates – assignments from the Warrior King – to declare and release His Freedom – to take over and transform the world and turn it upside down – that the realms of Heaven may truly be seen on earth!

This is what is worth dying for – and this is how we truly live!

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The Posture of Rest and Abandonment by eagledove


Donna Milham
It is time to stop striving in the flesh and allow the Lord to bring whatever change He sees are needed into our lives.  It is time to posture ourselves before Him as never before.
Not in the position of striving, but in Rest and Abandonment.
And from this place letting the gentle waves of revelation wash over us, showing us the conditions of our heart and thoughts.Not just looking at what we do or don’t do.  This opens the door for religiosity, Pharisee-like thinking, self-righteousness or self-pity, victim mindsets “if only….”.
Allow the waves of royal sonship, royal priesthood of intercession to come upon us – crying out in our need, “change me God…I surrender my striving – Create, Overtake, Saturate, Impart.

Many in the body of Christ are weary, they have lost their ambition, they are dropping out of church and if still in church, dropping out of involvement – there is drudgery and a heaviness of heart, step, countenance.  Joy seems gone, dry and thirsty – their hearts cry – there must be more.

God wants to bring His Body into John 10:10 existence and reality!  He wants to deliver us, His people/His church from the tyranny of the urgent, from the many programs, the constant busyness and running to and fro – instead of to Him.

It is the Hour of Preparation – God is preparing us for His Finest Hour – for what all of creation has been waiting for.
This preparation will not take place in the busy corridors of our lives, filled with hustle and bustle, but will take place in the quiet place of the temple of our beings – for we are the temple of the living God and the Kingdom of God resides with us.

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.  As His people we are being prepared in this hour to walk in His Kingdom ways – to preach the Kingdom of God – to live it – to manifest.

Our citizenship is in God’s Kingdom, not the kingdoms of this world – we are simply on assignment here – we have work to do but before He can fully release us into His/this work – we must be prepared.

He is firming up foundations, making sure foundations are true and strong.  He is examining and running His Hands over our lives and hearts looking for cracks and fault lines – for they won’t be able to hold what He is getting ready to do or send in the days ahead.

Preparing us in righteousness, suring up our peace, filling us with joy….
The Time is At Hand – the question is – will we listen, will we cooperate.
Will we give Him full access to our hearts and lives.
Access!  The Lord is looking for those who will give Him access to their hearts, that He may then give them access to His Heart.  He is looking for those hearts are willing to allow a holy invasion of His divine love, causing expansion of His very Heart within ours.
This enlarging brings with it transformation – we will begin to feel as He feels.
Access our minds – that we would think as He thinks – for His thoughts are much higher than ours.   His thoughts will begin to dislodge stronghold patterns of thinking that have kept us from walking in the fulness of our inheritance as His sons and daughters.
Access of our eyes – that we would begin to see as He sees viewing ourselves and those around us through His holy perspective.  Seeing from our position of ‘being seated in the heavenlies’ with Him – seeing God’s purposes and plans more than we see the enemy’s.
Access to our mouths – that we would be a voice that shares what is on His Heart and decree them to ourselves and to those around us that He gives us divine appointments with.

The posture of rest and abandonment is a discovered and nurtured lifestyle, not a one time season in our lives.  From here we will go out into all the world and preach the Gospel of His Kingdom in and from rest with His nature and His power pouring in and from us.

Our nation is in crisis – and is desperately in need of those who are fully His.
He is the Vine, we are the branch, apart from Him we can do nothing.
Abiding, posture of rest – may His Life flow into our very beings and flow out and release transformation through His authority for the Glory of His Name and His holy purposes!

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Secret Place by eagledove

Secret Place
Jen Brinton

In the Secret Place
No one else knows where
You draw me close
You whisper into my ear
You sing over me
Transforming me
Never to be the same
No, never the same again
You have given me a new heart

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Angel Wings by eagledove


Angel Wings

Lupe King
Angel wings unfurl about me
In Father’s embrace I am held;
  Rest arrives via vibrations of
Father’s beating heartI feel Your Presence…so full and heavy
With Your love!My sobs You have heard,
My tears You have stored in Your bottlesLife is hard, but greater and stronger
Is Your all consuming love!Peace and comfort have come, via holy,
Miraculous perspectives of our eternal home

Situations…circumstances, now ‘SHIFT!’
In Jesus’ Name, what was, no longer is!
The King has stepped down
And made His Presence known.

Your Kingly hand upon Your peoples
Announce to our enemies:
We are Your children and non can
bring us harm!

We are clothed in White
bearing rings of gold

We raise a blood red banner…
Covered in His authority, we raise
His banner for all to see…

We turn and dance before our enemies…
fortresses come crashing down…

Our Father has granted us,
battle grounds of access, to all the fallen and
broken ground…

Multitudes of evil drones-taken out!
Driven to whence they came.

We are no longer the same;
beaten and ashamed

Today we arise and stand strong in our God,
We take the ground of our lives,
And declare, VICTORY!!!

As we dance before His throne
While upon the enemy/ies head/s

Bless be the name of our Lord,
Jesus, the Love of our Souls!

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Warfare by eagledove



Lupe King
In times of war, I seek Your face
Sensing atmospheres, loosing Your Word
In seen and unseen realms…For such a time as this;
I venture via Your Spirit
Into the unseen realms…
spying on the enemy/ies
Of Your throne.

In Spirit, I survey the realm,
One thing is made sure,
Children of God and warriors
Of His cross…We stand in their
way and block their strategies of war

By speaking HIS words of Light and loosing them
In unseen realms, via declarations and decrees,
They seem to not know how to move!

Their strategies confounded,
Their walls come crashing down,
Obstacles created now become their
Own downfall.

We children of God aligned,
With angels and watchmen on the wall,
Battle unified via Jehovah Gibbor, Man of War

Sound and dance is released on this earthly realm
Holy sounds causes us to dance, to sing…REJOICE!
All while dancing on our enemy/ies head/s

Confusion and chaos upon and within the Enemy’s camp,
EUROCLYDON winds now blow
In the four directions!

Destruction is loosed via the
Blood of Christ!

Enemies aghast with what was not seen coming;
Angels and men united for such a time as this!

Euroclydon:  A furious, north easterly wind.
“And when the south wind blew softly, supposing that they had obtained their purpose, loosing thence, they sailed close by Crete. But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, call EUROCLYDON . (Acts 27:13-14)

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