Jesus Didn’t Answer Them – Until… by eagledove

Jesus Didn’t Answer Them – Until…

Donna Milham

John 8:1-11 TPT

Jesus didn’t answer them
Religious law keepers screamed in His Grace filled ears
He refused, He chose not to respond
He bent down
He wrote with His Eternal Finger
In the dust
Dust that He had shaped mankind from

Religion shouted – demanding answers to their questions –
“Tell us, what do you say we should do with her?”
Noone can force I AM to respond
Certainly not spirits of condemnation
Nor anger demanding another human sacrifice on the altar of legalism

Jesus Stood Up in the very midst of the sounds of accusation
His very standing in the ‘mist’ of demonic spewing
Disrupted its swirling intent
He intentionally LOOKED right at them
Into their eyes
Piercing TRUTH – looking to see
Was there any light or GRACE or MERCY within their souls
As Divine Protector of the ones He left Heaven for
He speaks –
“Let’s have the man who has never had a sinful desire throw the first stone at her”
Never, Never, Never, Never – ECHOED around their hardened hearts and demonically filled thoughts
And like lightning flashing – exposed the stark reality –
They were all guilty
None were innocent
ALL required stoning
Jesus CHOSE to let ‘TRUTH’ ring its resounding chorus and silence ‘the accuser’

So He bent down again and wrote some more – in the dust He Created
The very ‘dust’ knew WHO HE was
All of creation knew and watched
Conviction’s Sound resounded in the atmosphere
Like a quick moving thunder cloud
It swallowed up – ‘the law’
And released – Grace & Mercy
Let him, let him, let him…………who has no sin…………..
A thunderous VOICE of Jealous Caring and Compassion – SILENCED
Everything and everyone
IN SILENCE of that moment
The thud of the rocks of murderous religious spirit’s plot – hit the ground
Releasing the sound – the sentence of death nullified
By the sound of holy conviction
From The LAMB Who Chose to come
He was displaying before all to see and hear that day
And man’s CHOICES be displayed
ALL are gone now –
Stillness in the air
Grace is hovering as a blanket of Mercy
To clothe a naked, shame-filled daughter with dignity and hope

He stands up – second time
With a Voice of the True Shepherd
ASKS – ‘dear woman, where are your accusers, is there no one here to condemn you?”
Divine Eternal Question –
Where are your accusers, accusers, accusers……???????

The demons panicking – no one is left –
They are now stricken from this ‘arena’
They had thought was well prepared for another sacrifice
Of a beloved child of God
Is there no one here…?????

Stunned – she had awaited the blows of burial stones
Instead she heard thuds – but too afraid to even peek
Wide-eyed – openly Look Around
And still not able to fully comprehend
“I see no one, Lord”

Noone, no one, no one –
WHO could silence such a crowd
WHAT could cause this death parade to cease its march and surrender its demand
HE ALONE – Lord of Mercy
Eternal Lamb stood in her midst and declared her
It rang from Eternity
He was slain before the foundation of the earth
And now supernaturally – suddenly
Resounds in this ‘now’ moment of time

He speaks for final time in this epic drama before Heaven and hell
“Then I, certainly DON’T condemn you either – GO and from now on BE FREE from a life of sin”

‘I DON’T condemn you
From now on
Be Free
From a life of sin’

“I don’t” – CANCELS out sins demand of a price to be paid
“GO” – breaks the chains of sin’s captivity that would want to hold her and fasten her to her past
To limit her moving in a miniscule circle of ‘if only’ and ‘the shame of the past’
Rehearsing with the demons of remorse
Her life a waste and a total loss
Saved this time– BUT screaming – we will have an opportunity again
You’ll be back and so will we and next time –
Who will save you?

Eternal One’s Voice continues
“From now on – Be Free from life of sin”
You are safe within Our Arms
Abide there
We clothe you with – forgiveness
We adorn you with – hope
We fill you with – rest
Breathe in atmosphere that NOW surrounds you
“Perfect Love casts out all fear”

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A Pathway Through by eagledove


Donna Milham

Psalm 77:19 NLT
“Your road led through the sea, Your pathway through the mighty waters – a pathway no one knew was there”

His Road, His Way – goes through and not around.
It is in going through that faith is built and hearts are tried and tested, calls are proved and secured, and God becomes ALL to us.

His Pathway – His Way – goes THROUGH the mighty waters.  This is not a trickling brook or a stagnant pond, this is a mighty sea.  Powerful and stronger than man’s strength to overcome.
The waves are huge, the currents strong, the riptides dangerous – this is the mighty sea.

Yet He does not lead us around but through!
This is a Confident God a Sure God – for all along HE KNEW what we did not.
A pathway THROUGH – safe passage for those He loves.
Safe passage through – but it requires Trust and Risk and ‘not my will but Yours’.

It’s to say okay, here we go, I don’t see how – I don’t see a way – I just see death and drowning – no way can I get across and through this sea, these mighty waters.
Lord, I asked for the River – how did I get this mighty sea?
He says – The way OUT is the way THROUGH.
When you pass through the waters, they will not overtake you.

It is the baptism into death – death of confidence and reliance on self, of our independent ways and soulish thinking – trying to figure it all out.
Taking the Way of Faith means risk!
Standing at the shore with the seas great vastness and saying – okay here I am – I don’t see a way – but I choose to trust YOU.

All along He had the pathway – we just could not see it – a hidden mystery – a hidden way – THROUGH!

These are shown to those who are willing to risk, trust and declare –
Lead on, Oh King Eternal
Holy and True One
I trust in You – on You
I am Yours and I trust You
To lead me through for
On the other side are promises untold that can never be mine without
Going Through!

Choices – land of mediocrity on one side
land of adventure with Him on the other which requires radical risk-taking.

What He wants to produce is a people who know their God and when storms hit our individual lives, our family, our church, our city, our nation – we are calm in the storm and can press in to see the way THROUGH.

For they see what HE sees with the eyes of their hearts – locked in faith – with Him and in Him.

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The True Sound of Silence by eagledove


 Donna Milham

Holy hush on the hillside
Shepherds and sheep
In stillness
A suddenly visitation
A holy angel announces
And heaven’s vast angelic army confirms in song
Oh the Brightness of their light
Into and overtook
The night
Displaying and announcing
Is born
Has come
Brightness of the Army’s Light
Can we even grasp
Brilliance of Glory Realm
The True Sound of Silence
Heaven’s Stillness
Heaven’s Hush
Visiting the Shepherds
And their sheep
In a hidden place
Not announced in the market square
Nor in the temple
To the simple shepherds
About their daily tasks
Watching over their flocks
In the night
Where nothing competed with their senses
No distractions
A hillside with sheep
Is announced
Holy Announcers from Heaven
Caused them to enter into
Stunned adoration & awe!
Overtaken by
Holy Light & Holy Sound
In Heaven’s Stillness & Rest

Holy deposits of revelatory Truth
Into their hearts and beings
LIGHT permeated
Overtook darkness & shadowlands of their souls
And caused a response –

Seekers of TRUTH
And when they found
With Radiant Light
In His Eyes
The same Light
That visited them on the hillside,
Eternal Realm of Holy Light & Holy Love & Holy Life

They bowed
Before the KING
In reverence
In stillness
In the hush of Heaven’s Birthing of

In that stillness
They were overtaken
With His Reality

They arose and humbly departed
On a heavenly mission
Heaven’s holy announcers
On earth

The SILENCE is NOW pierced
With Revelation’s Sound & Eternal Decree
The Savior has come
The Light of the World
Darkness has been pierced
The True Radiance
Of Heaven’s Glory
Is with us

O come let us
Holy wonder & awe

The True Sound of Silence
O holy night
A suddenly
As we
In His Stillness
With Him
For Him
Filling our hearts afresh
To BECOME His announcers
Behold the Light of the World
Has come!

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My Beloved – In the Stillness by eagledove

My Beloved – In the Stillness
Karen Elliott

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.  On those living in the land of the shadow of death, a light has dawned!” (Is. 9:2)
“For unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders, and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace, there will be no end.” Is. 9:6-7

He is my Beloved!

“My Beloved is the most beautiful among thousands and thousands”

He is fairer than 10,000… and the Desire of all nations
He is coming for His Bride, looking for His Burning Ones
Those who will not let go of love’s fire.
He is crying out – ‘Look at Me, here I AM’

Do not let the fire of love burn out
Love Me more than anyone or anything
I am in the stillness
I am in the quiet
I am in the secret place
In the inner chambers
I am waiting for you there
My gaze ever upon you

Feel My Breath as you draw near
Watch as the flickering flame becomes
A roaring inferno of Love’s pure light, luminous, glowing & radiant
Lighting up the night
Making the Way clear
See Beyond this natural realm
Look beyond into the eternal
Step into Love, the Realm of I AM
I HEAR your love song!

“Yeshua, ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah”

“My Beloved is the most beautiful among thousands and thousands”

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Your Heart is a Harp by eagledove

Your Heart Is A Harp

Donna Milham

Your heart is a harp
That He loves to blow His Breath upon
As you sit and wait with Him
Upon Him – waiting for Him
His Breath blows upon the strings of your heart
An instrument of praise
For His Heart longs to hear the melodies from deep within
Deep calls unto deep
Releasing waterfalls of love
Colors and sounds – notes and tunes
Meant for and before His Holy Throne
Release the sounds of worship and praise
Let the Winds of the Spirit blow gently across your heart strings
Songs for –
The King
The Sovereign One
The One Who is Worthy
The Lamb
The Risen Resurrected Savior
The Lion of Judah
The Creator of All
Songs within – ancient and new
Heaven is postured –  Earth is waiting
Both are listening
Open wide the gates of your heart
Let the music begin
For this will release the creative realms of God and Heaven from around the throne
Into your heart – into your home
The realms where the impossible become not only possible
But reality!
Singing from your heart – opens the seers eye
Seeing into the heavenly realms
Open heart – open eyes
Seeing – hearing – releasing
Sing what you see –
Dominion songs of holy authority
Chains break at one note from the Holy Realms
Disease flees at one sound of Worthy!
Restoration is released at one song of Victory!
Sing what you see – on earth as it is in heaven!
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The Sound of Perfect Liberty by eagledove


Donna Milham
Can you hear the sound
Feel the rumbling in the Heavens
And within
Took captivity, captive
Every wound & betrayal..
Enemy tried to hold us captive
Of possible imprisonment


Be free- live free
Purchased Freedom
Totally Free
Believe – Receive
Not for our partial freedom & deliverance

See hell emptied that glorious day
When HE Ascended
With His lovers
Bursting up up up
RESURRECTED sons & daughters

There is NO captivity
Wide open plains of
His Glorious Kingdom Realm
Hear the sound
Feel the reverberations
Being released
Over and in you

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Boat Called Adventure by eagledove


Donna Milham

Get into the boat called ADVENTURE
No oars nor sails
Holy Trust
Holy Test
My Breath – My Spirit
Blows – guides- directs
Into new lands
In the natural and spiritual
Dare to venture there
With ME
Give way to YAHWEH
I call you into the
Yet to be discovered Realms of My Spiritual PioneersWill you come with ME?
My Voice is hovering over the waters of your spirit man
Beckoning you
Will you not journey with ME
I AM the Captain and Helmsman
I set the course
I AM the ONE
Who troubles and calms the seas
I COMMAND the waves
Spoke the stars that guide at night into their positions
And so TRUST MEI came that you might live
In the SPIRIT with ME

Uncharted by man
Oh yes, you will hear the birds’ song as they skim the oceans’ surface
Oh yes, you will hear the oceans roar in the stormy seas

I AM is the Captain of this boat called ADVENTURE
That brings you to the land of TRANSFORMATION
Through trust and surrender
Forever changed
When ALL gives way to ME

What is the cost for this journey
At the Cross of Calvary
For you to live – FULLY ALIVE
All I ask is
An abandoned heart and a bowed knee
Before ME
Leaving ALL
Not looking back
BUT fixed gaze with MY GAZE
Ever deeper

Feel the wind on your face
The ADVENTURE begins
With no end
Eternal Adventures
With I AM
Into MY Kingdoms’ Realms

You have prayed
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
The boat called ADVENTURE
Journeys THERE!

(I saw white flags of surrender along the shores of the sea…….. knee prints of surrender…….of a holy yes…… each one stepped into the boat called ADVENTURE….
His Holy Smile of Gladness looking upon each one as they took their place….)

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Immovable Majesty by eagledove

Immovable Majesty

Arising in the spirit realm
As I wait on You
In rest
Suddenly – there You are
A quick unveiling
A side view of the Lion of Judah’s Eye
I saw in that glimpse
May I live in and within
That Gaze of Rest
NOTHING can move You from Your Victorious Posture
I am seated with You
May the depths of YOUR Completed Works
Now & Forever
Be my reality
I fix my heart’s gaze on
Your Confident Finished Look
Psalm 93
“1 The Lord is king! He is robed in majesty.
    Indeed, the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength.
The world stands firm
    and cannot be shaken.

Your throne, O Lord, has stood from time immemorial.
    You yourself are from the everlasting past.
The floods have risen up, O Lord.
    The floods have roared like thunder;
    the floods have lifted their pounding waves.
But mightier than the violent raging of the seas,
    mightier than the breakers on the shore—
    the Lord above is mightier than these!
Your royal laws cannot be changed.
    Your reign, O Lord, is holy forever and ever.”(NLT)
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His Intentional Gaze by eagledove



Donna Milham

His Eye is looking
For the one
At the one
In awe & wonder
At His Feet
Before His Throne
His Gaze
Within & around
The very substance of our being & the atmosphere surrounding

His Intentional Gaze
Is the LOOK of Holy Creation
One Look – a new galaxy appears
One Look  – a life restored
One Look – a heart made new
One Look of  Resurrection – Glory – Power
Raises the dead dreams, hopes and places within
One Look – hear It’s Sound
One Look – hear it’s Power
One Look of Divine Intention

Give HIM our full focus
Honor Him with our full attention
He’s deserving of our full face of focused desire
Our surrendered hearts of devotion

His Intentional Gaze
One Look – a new star is formed
Releasing it’s brilliance & song
Of His Glorious Display of Power & Majesty

One Look – lock gazes
His Gaze of Holy Splendor & Divine Omnipotence
The Gaze of “I AM”

His Intentional Look
Into the depths & core of our being
Life – Light – Life
Released afresh and anew
Becoming more like Him

One Look – One Gaze
Accomplishes in a moment
‘the seemingly impossible’
All things are possible in His Intentional Gaze
To see, to hear – to awaken & live
Fully alive
In the Realm of “I AM”

His Gaze of Life
All things made new
In & through us
Lock Gazes
That His Gaze would pour in & through
Our eye gate
Holy – holy – holy
Eye gates
Releasing Realms of Glory

Fixing our gaze & our hearts
On Him
With Him
He Looks -we look
In holy alignment
From communion of our spirit with His

The Look of – all things made new
Resurrection’s Gaze
He Is The Resurrection & He Is The Life
His Intentional Gaze of Resurrection Glory
Enter in
That all is made fully alive
And that in union with Him
His Gaze – His Intentional Look
Is released through sons & daughters
With holy eye gates
Of His Kingdom’s Power & Glory & Love

His Intentional Look
Of Divine Jealousy & Holy Love
For sons & daughters
And His Promised Bride!

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Moving with the Lamb by eagledove


Donna Milham

Moving with the Lamb means knowing the beat of His Heart, knowing the cadence of His steps, knowing His breath – knowing Him!

There is an invitation to ‘Come Up Here’….it is hovering over the Body of Christ…… the hour of John the Beloved and depths of revelation to become reality to us in fresh and deep ways.

John laid his head on The Rock – Christ Jesus!
He was sentenced to be a prisoner on the isle of Patmos – 9 miles of rock – that became his earthly fortress and prison cell.
But he lived IN the fortress of Jesus’ Heart.  He had built his life within a fortress of Love and Shelter on the Rock of Christ Jesus!

When he became a prisoner on Patmos he was not a prisoner in his spirit, only his body.
His spirit was a prisoner of the Lord.  He was a love slave, captured in love and devotion.
In the Spirit, his head was still on Jesus’ breast- John was no man’s prisoner.
He was free and had exiled his own heart and life into Holy Love’s captivity.

John knew God – intimately & passionately!  He lived in and from Christ’s Embrace of Love.

What is it to know God like this?
To Know His thoughts and His ways
To see as He sees
To hear Him and respond, agree and obey
To be given understanding and revelation of hidden things
To grasp His order of the universe and creation
Of how it all interconnects
To walk in peace and assurance
Of His Personhood
Of His Kingdom’s reign
Of His Victory
Of His Kingship
Of His Love
Of His Promises
Of His Covenant
No matter where we are, what situation we find ourselves in
We know Him and we are known!

As we walk in THIS – we mature
For we are not flailing in our emotions or erratic in our thoughts
We become more and more settled, confident, patient
Able to live, walk and lead  – as a follower!
We know the Voice speaking to us saying  – go here and go there –
We see Him leading the way as Commander in Chief and the Good Shepherd –
As the Lamb Who laid down His Life.

Following the Lamb, we can follow at a distance and still serve ourselves.
BUT moving with the Lamb is up close…in step….in oneness……what He does, we do…
It will take maturity to follow Him like this…but HE woos us into maturity through His love.
He calls us deeper into depths of His Word so He can show us WHOSE we are and who we are. His desire is that we will respond and give Him access to places that He sees need to be quarried within our hearts and lives…where HE wants to dig ever deeper…
So that we will become vessels that can carry the water of His Word and have it turned into wine by the Power of the Holy Spirit as we serve it – causing people to drink of the Power of His Blood and His Covenant Promises.

Moving with the Lamb means we will live in spiritual tents – tents of worship, praise, adoration and prayer – moving in the rhythm of Heaven – following His holy mandates – breathed from Above……..
Blowing on the tent flaps….’it’s time to move on………move with the Lamb’!

Acts 17:28
“For in Him we live and move and have our being”.

To live a life of total dependence – total surrender
Moving with Him – not separate
In step – yoked
By our hearts and spirits from love and devotion
Not from a neck of stubbornness and resistance
But with holy cords and yokes of love in lavish surrender
Tying us willingly – fast – to His Heart
That we might move with His Heartbeat

To exist in You – You in us
Then we would never be bored or complacent
For in You is all time, creation, eternity, mysteries, depths…..

Recapture our lives oh God!
Undo us and let us remain UNDONE –
Lead us this very day to Your depths………
Moving with the Lamb…
Now and forever!

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