Your Heart is a Harp

Your Heart Is A Harp

Donna Milham

Your heart is a harp
That He loves to blow His Breath upon
As you sit and wait with Him
Upon Him – waiting for Him
His Breath blows upon the strings of your heart
An instrument of praise
For His Heart longs to hear the melodies from deep within
Deep calls unto deep
Releasing waterfalls of love
Colors and sounds – notes and tunes
Meant for and before His Holy Throne
Release the sounds of worship and praise
Let the Winds of the Spirit blow gently across your heart strings
Songs for –
The King
The Sovereign One
The One Who is Worthy
The Lamb
The Risen Resurrected Savior
The Lion of Judah
The Creator of All
Songs within – ancient and new
Heaven is postured –  Earth is waiting
Both are listening
Open wide the gates of your heart
Let the music begin
For this will release the creative realms of God and Heaven from around the throne
Into your heart – into your home
The realms where the impossible become not only possible
But reality!
Singing from your heart – opens the seers eye
Seeing into the heavenly realms
Open heart – open eyes
Seeing – hearing – releasing
Sing what you see –
Dominion songs of holy authority
Chains break at one note from the Holy Realms
Disease flees at one sound of Worthy!
Restoration is released at one song of Victory!
Sing what you see – on earth as it is in heaven!

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