Boat Called Adventure


Donna Milham

Get into the boat called ADVENTURE
No oars nor sails
Holy Trust
Holy Test
My Breath – My Spirit
Blows – guides- directs
Into new lands
In the natural and spiritual
Dare to venture there
With ME
Give way to YAHWEH
I call you into the
Yet to be discovered Realms of My Spiritual PioneersWill you come with ME?
My Voice is hovering over the waters of your spirit man
Beckoning you
Will you not journey with ME
I AM the Captain and Helmsman
I set the course
I AM the ONE
Who troubles and calms the seas
I COMMAND the waves
Spoke the stars that guide at night into their positions
And so TRUST MEI came that you might live
In the SPIRIT with ME

Uncharted by man
Oh yes, you will hear the birds’ song as they skim the oceans’ surface
Oh yes, you will hear the oceans roar in the stormy seas

I AM is the Captain of this boat called ADVENTURE
That brings you to the land of TRANSFORMATION
Through trust and surrender
Forever changed
When ALL gives way to ME

What is the cost for this journey
At the Cross of Calvary
For you to live – FULLY ALIVE
All I ask is
An abandoned heart and a bowed knee
Before ME
Leaving ALL
Not looking back
BUT fixed gaze with MY GAZE
Ever deeper

Feel the wind on your face
The ADVENTURE begins
With no end
Eternal Adventures
With I AM
Into MY Kingdoms’ Realms

You have prayed
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
The boat called ADVENTURE
Journeys THERE!

(I saw white flags of surrender along the shores of the sea…….. knee prints of surrender…….of a holy yes…… each one stepped into the boat called ADVENTURE….
His Holy Smile of Gladness looking upon each one as they took their place….)

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