Moving with the Lamb


Donna Milham

Moving with the Lamb means knowing the beat of His Heart, knowing the cadence of His steps, knowing His breath – knowing Him!

There is an invitation to ‘Come Up Here’….it is hovering over the Body of Christ…… the hour of John the Beloved and depths of revelation to become reality to us in fresh and deep ways.

John laid his head on The Rock – Christ Jesus!
He was sentenced to be a prisoner on the isle of Patmos – 9 miles of rock – that became his earthly fortress and prison cell.
But he lived IN the fortress of Jesus’ Heart.  He had built his life within a fortress of Love and Shelter on the Rock of Christ Jesus!

When he became a prisoner on Patmos he was not a prisoner in his spirit, only his body.
His spirit was a prisoner of the Lord.  He was a love slave, captured in love and devotion.
In the Spirit, his head was still on Jesus’ breast- John was no man’s prisoner.
He was free and had exiled his own heart and life into Holy Love’s captivity.

John knew God – intimately & passionately!  He lived in and from Christ’s Embrace of Love.

What is it to know God like this?
To Know His thoughts and His ways
To see as He sees
To hear Him and respond, agree and obey
To be given understanding and revelation of hidden things
To grasp His order of the universe and creation
Of how it all interconnects
To walk in peace and assurance
Of His Personhood
Of His Kingdom’s reign
Of His Victory
Of His Kingship
Of His Love
Of His Promises
Of His Covenant
No matter where we are, what situation we find ourselves in
We know Him and we are known!

As we walk in THIS – we mature
For we are not flailing in our emotions or erratic in our thoughts
We become more and more settled, confident, patient
Able to live, walk and lead  – as a follower!
We know the Voice speaking to us saying  – go here and go there –
We see Him leading the way as Commander in Chief and the Good Shepherd –
As the Lamb Who laid down His Life.

Following the Lamb, we can follow at a distance and still serve ourselves.
BUT moving with the Lamb is up close…in step….in oneness……what He does, we do…
It will take maturity to follow Him like this…but HE woos us into maturity through His love.
He calls us deeper into depths of His Word so He can show us WHOSE we are and who we are. His desire is that we will respond and give Him access to places that He sees need to be quarried within our hearts and lives…where HE wants to dig ever deeper…
So that we will become vessels that can carry the water of His Word and have it turned into wine by the Power of the Holy Spirit as we serve it – causing people to drink of the Power of His Blood and His Covenant Promises.

Moving with the Lamb means we will live in spiritual tents – tents of worship, praise, adoration and prayer – moving in the rhythm of Heaven – following His holy mandates – breathed from Above……..
Blowing on the tent flaps….’it’s time to move on………move with the Lamb’!

Acts 17:28
“For in Him we live and move and have our being”.

To live a life of total dependence – total surrender
Moving with Him – not separate
In step – yoked
By our hearts and spirits from love and devotion
Not from a neck of stubbornness and resistance
But with holy cords and yokes of love in lavish surrender
Tying us willingly – fast – to His Heart
That we might move with His Heartbeat

To exist in You – You in us
Then we would never be bored or complacent
For in You is all time, creation, eternity, mysteries, depths…..

Recapture our lives oh God!
Undo us and let us remain UNDONE –
Lead us this very day to Your depths………
Moving with the Lamb…
Now and forever!

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