Come Into The Deep

Come Into the Deep
Karen Elliott 

Posturing ourselves quietly, we wait upon the Lord
Waiting in stillness to hear the voice of our Beloved,
In the quiet we can hear His still small voice calling
‘Come, come into the deep!
Do not be afraid, I AM here and long for your company
Show Me your face, let Me hear your voice
For your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.
Come into the deep place of Holy Union and Communion with Me
Allow My waves and billows to crash over you
Pulling you deeper into My abiding Presence
Ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep until you are
Fully immersed in the waters of My love
Let them surround you,
For many waters cannot quench the burning desire of this love
Or the longing for this glorious union
Me in you and you in Me…. As One
Be at rest as I envelope you in a love you have not yet known
Come deep into this place of fellowship that I desire to have with you,
My beautiful Bride.’

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