The Posture of Rest and Abandonment


Donna Milham
It is time to stop striving in the flesh and allow the Lord to bring whatever change He sees are needed into our lives.  It is time to posture ourselves before Him as never before.
Not in the position of striving, but in Rest and Abandonment.
And from this place letting the gentle waves of revelation wash over us, showing us the conditions of our heart and thoughts.Not just looking at what we do or don’t do.  This opens the door for religiosity, Pharisee-like thinking, self-righteousness or self-pity, victim mindsets “if only….”.
Allow the waves of royal sonship, royal priesthood of intercession to come upon us – crying out in our need, “change me God…I surrender my striving – Create, Overtake, Saturate, Impart.

Many in the body of Christ are weary, they have lost their ambition, they are dropping out of church and if still in church, dropping out of involvement – there is drudgery and a heaviness of heart, step, countenance.  Joy seems gone, dry and thirsty – their hearts cry – there must be more.

God wants to bring His Body into John 10:10 existence and reality!  He wants to deliver us, His people/His church from the tyranny of the urgent, from the many programs, the constant busyness and running to and fro – instead of to Him.

It is the Hour of Preparation – God is preparing us for His Finest Hour – for what all of creation has been waiting for.
This preparation will not take place in the busy corridors of our lives, filled with hustle and bustle, but will take place in the quiet place of the temple of our beings – for we are the temple of the living God and the Kingdom of God resides with us.

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.  As His people we are being prepared in this hour to walk in His Kingdom ways – to preach the Kingdom of God – to live it – to manifest.

Our citizenship is in God’s Kingdom, not the kingdoms of this world – we are simply on assignment here – we have work to do but before He can fully release us into His/this work – we must be prepared.

He is firming up foundations, making sure foundations are true and strong.  He is examining and running His Hands over our lives and hearts looking for cracks and fault lines – for they won’t be able to hold what He is getting ready to do or send in the days ahead.

Preparing us in righteousness, suring up our peace, filling us with joy….
The Time is At Hand – the question is – will we listen, will we cooperate.
Will we give Him full access to our hearts and lives.
Access!  The Lord is looking for those who will give Him access to their hearts, that He may then give them access to His Heart.  He is looking for those hearts are willing to allow a holy invasion of His divine love, causing expansion of His very Heart within ours.
This enlarging brings with it transformation – we will begin to feel as He feels.
Access our minds – that we would think as He thinks – for His thoughts are much higher than ours.   His thoughts will begin to dislodge stronghold patterns of thinking that have kept us from walking in the fulness of our inheritance as His sons and daughters.
Access of our eyes – that we would begin to see as He sees viewing ourselves and those around us through His holy perspective.  Seeing from our position of ‘being seated in the heavenlies’ with Him – seeing God’s purposes and plans more than we see the enemy’s.
Access to our mouths – that we would be a voice that shares what is on His Heart and decree them to ourselves and to those around us that He gives us divine appointments with.

The posture of rest and abandonment is a discovered and nurtured lifestyle, not a one time season in our lives.  From here we will go out into all the world and preach the Gospel of His Kingdom in and from rest with His nature and His power pouring in and from us.

Our nation is in crisis – and is desperately in need of those who are fully His.
He is the Vine, we are the branch, apart from Him we can do nothing.
Abiding, posture of rest – may His Life flow into our very beings and flow out and release transformation through His authority for the Glory of His Name and His holy purposes!

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