Intricately Made

Jen Brinton

Did the ground tremble as You walked from the grave?
Joy and mystery in Your eyes
You draw my heart closer
Surrounded by nothing more than Your presence
My heart trembles at the majesty before me
If I will give You everything
If I worship only You
Casting aside all distractions
All vain imaginings
Allowing You into every part of me
Leaving nothing untouched
In the quietness, and even in the loud times.
I can hear you if I listen
No one can find me when I am
In that hidden place with You
Sacred space, where none but You and I are allowed
I long for this with everything in me
More than food, more than the air I breathe
It gives me strength,
Quiet strength that cannot be stolen
You knit me together in my mother’s womb
You know everything about me
Nothing I do surprises You
Yet now, after so much has happened,
I once more come before You
Make me holy, make me new
Let me never forget
That You knit Yourself into my innermost being
The day that I said yes
You infiltrated my life
You delight in me, the work of Your hands
Fingers weaving threads – here a color change,
There a different stitch or a cable
Never stopping the work until it is done
You spoke words of life and love
As You wrapped that yarn,
Dipped Your hand, pulled it through the loop
You wove in Your love and grace,
A bit of fire that would grow with time.
Some depth, strength, and tenacity
Gentleness of spirit –
Pieces of Your nature –
And then You placed a gap in the work
That only You could fill.
So intricate the work,
No one else could do it
It could not be happenstance
That these eyes have some of the fire from Your eyes
That this smile gleams with Your life and light
I am Your child, through and through
Your DNA woven into my very being
For You gave of Yourself when You breathed into Adam,
And more so when You spilled Your blood,
That most sacred substance,
More costly than all the riches of the universe,
and You gave it all
You made me to be
Precious in Your sight
Interwoven with You
A thousand crowns could not compare
A million years could not devalue
What You have given me,
What You  have offered all of mankind.
Do we recognize it?
How valued we are in Your sight?
How sacred the breath of life in our lungs?
Do we see the secret workings of Your hands
In a mother’s womb?
Each one a work of love!

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