Eyes of Eternity

Eyes of Eternity

by Jen Brinton

I look into the eyes of Eternity,
Where galaxies are born
And fire burns – Day and night, night and day
Time is forgotten… in the eyes of Eternity
I get lost… in the eyes of Eternity.
Deeper and deeper, I get pulled into realms –
Witnessing through His eyes
The slow birth of a star
As dust and wind move in a dance.
Invisible hands forming planets, moons, and stars,
Shaping the very fabric of the universe
With the same hands that knit me in my mother’s womb.

I look into the eyes of Eternity
Those same eyes that looked into Adam’s,
When Creator and creation met face to face for the first time.
The same eyes that beheld the fall of man
And wept for the sorrow of it –
Yet even so,
The eyes of Eternity gazed through the corridors of time, even then,
And at once, they met my eyes.
He met your eyes.
He knew the end from the beginning.
Those same eyes that I see,
Looked out over Golgotha –
Through sweat and blood,
Timeless and eternal, He knew that the prize far outweighed the price.

Yes, I can lose myself in the eyes of Eternity,
And become what I behold,
Filled with His nature,
That His gaze would meet yours through my eyes.

Though I look into realms unknown,
I will not fear, for I trust Jesus,
The One who gave it all.

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