Heaven’s Shift

artwork by Murray Hart

Heaven’s Shift 

At our Saturday evening Judah’s Roar Meeting we were worshiping and praying
for Donald Trump and for this nation.
Murray Hart was prophetically painting what was being released in the
Clearly there was a sense of God’s Dominion Rule and the shifting of the
atmosphere over America as Trump was inaugurated as President.
Heaven’s Shift
by Donna Milham

The Atmosphere has shifted
New Life has come in like a flood
Hear the sound of the wind and the waters of change
Hear His Dominion Authority
Releasing the Authority of
His Blood
His Mercy
His Compassion
Over this Nation
Marcy’s response to His people’s heartcry
He can make all things new
Will we align our hearts with Heaven’s shift?
Will we bow our knees in Kingdom intercession?
Will we release holy decrees of ‘Future and a
hope over this nation?
Heaven’s Shift – on earth as it is in Heaven!

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