The Drawn Sword by eagledove

The Drawn Sword
by Dyane Beaudette

My King has drawn His sword
Ready to separate bone and marrow
Removing everything that hinders love
Though there is still gentleness in His eyes
As he gazes deeply at me
There is also a glint of fierceness
That would cause thousands to flee

No longer a babe in a manger
Though He still walks with me in the garden
He is my Shepherd but now I see the King of Glory Who is in full battle array; Armed and ready

Suddenly He looks at me with tenderness
He places a sword in my hand and says
Use the authority you have as a son
Fight by my side my Bride
This is the time for courage, this is the time to be bold

There are giants to be slain and captives to be rescued
For a great battle is on the horizon
But do not fear, I will be with you
Victory is at hand
For the cry “It is finished”
Still echoes across the land

The Mighty One, The commander of heaven’s host Now raises a piercing formidable war cry
I know this is a holy moment
Then holding my sword high I release a cry of my own“
For the King and for the Kingdom! “
And then I hear the voices of countless others
In unison with mine

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Intertwined by eagledove

by Jen Brinton

So many threads in so many colors
Woven together in a glorious tapestry
Some are but flashes and flickers
While others form a strong background ––
A foundation on which the others can make their mark.
Not one thread is exactly the same,
And alone, each would be breakable ––
A weak strand easily snapped.
But together, with hearts intertwined,
They become part of a fabric
Stronger together, so intricately woven
It is difficult to tell
Where one begins and another ends.
Skillfully put into place
Not by the hands of man,
But by the Master Artist Himself.
He knows exactly where this one belongs,
Where that one cannot go,
Where one needs another to stand as one thread,
That neither would give way.
With His wisdom and with great joy,
He weaves us together –– a living tapestry.
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Do You Believe My Blood is Enough? by eagledove

Do You Believe My Blood is Enough?

by Jen Brinton


In 2018, the Lord asked me, “Do you believe My blood is enough?” I’ve been pondering the question since then. Enough for what, you may ask?
Enough to heal every sickness, disease, and infirmity. To break off every demonic thing that has latched itself onto my life or the lives of others. To remove the veils that blind myself and others to the Truth. To wash away all sin from my life. To break down every stronghold and mindset that keeps me from walking in the fullness of my calling. To change my very DNA to match His own… And so much more!
I would be lying if I said I have arrived. He asked me that question for a reason. Raise the standard. Come up here. Dive deeper. This is the Power of the Blood, now walk in it –– live like it –– talk like it –– be transformed!
Just one drop of His blood was enough to shake the very foundations of the earth, and it did. Just think –– the Creator’s very own blood, spilled out –– every last drop! If the blood of Abel cried out for justice, imagine how much more the sacred Blood of Jesus cries out for mercy! This was not some little powerless ritual that gave everyone goosebumps for a day or two, then life went on as usual. No. This was the Son of God stepping down from Heaven on our behalf and paying the debt we owed Him –– a debt He did not owe, which we could not pay. What was Heaven like, missing one person of the Trinity? For thirty three years? I can’t even imagine…
He left His eternal throne, where the four living creatures dwell, the elders cast their crowns, and the angels praise Him for all of eternity. He came to the earth not as a political figure taking power in the natural, but as a baby who grew into a sacrificial lamb –– the seed that would fall and spring forth in resurrection power as the firstborn of a race that had never been seen before –– the Second Adam, Who was far greater than the first!
He, the Great I AM, came down and gave up His own life –– every single drop of blood. For you. For me. Can you say that over yourself? Jesus, the One True God, stepped out of heaven for you. It’s personal –– He had you in mind. If you were the only person on the planet, He would still do it, because that is His nature. Let that sink in for a moment.


Just as He died and rose, we die to this world and are born again with His DNA –– complete in Him. We are called to awaken others to this –– to Him –– to the Truth!
“There is no one else who has the power to save us, for there is only one name to whom God has given authority by which we must experience salvation: the name of Jesus.” (Acts 4:12, TPT)

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Through the Open Door by eagledove

Through the Open Door

by Karen Elliott

A few weeks ago I captured beautiful light from the setting sun coming through my window and reflecting on a tapestry hanging on my living room wall.

I thought it was interesting how the light was reflecting on the gate in the tapestry and that the light itself looks like an open door.

God speaks through so many things if we would have eyes to see and ears to hear.

“I will stand at my guard post and station myself on the ramparts, I will watch to see what He will say to me.” Habakkuk 2:1

What are we watching for? The supernatural reflected in the natural!

So, what do we see and hear in this reflection?

I see and hear the Lord speaking as in Revelation 4:1.
“After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.’”

”at once I was in the Spirit” (vs. 2)

Revelation comes by the Spirit!

I hear an invitation! An invitation to step beyond the veil, through the open door. An invitation to come into a place of deeper communion with the Lord. To know Him as we have never known Him. This is not a new invitation, but at the same time it is.  He who has ears to hear listen to what the Spirit is saying.

I believe that when we come into this place of deep communion with the Lord, He shows us secrets and mysteries that He is longing to reveal to us.
We cannot know the ways of God, or the heart of God without communion.

I feel this is an invitation, a call if you will, to delve more deeply into living life by the spirit. To leave our worldly nature and desires behind. To stop trying to see how much we can look and act like the world and still be okay with God. There must be a distinction between divine life and natural life.

I believe that as we walk through this door of greater intimacy with the Lord, that the things of the earth will grow strangely dim, as the song goes, in the light of His glory and grace, and we will desire Him more than anything else in our lives. We will live to please Him and bring joy to His heart.

There is no greater pursuit than to know Him!

I often think of the passage in Matthew 7:22-23, “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name and in Your Name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you, depart from me you workers of lawlessness.’

Just because we move in these giftings does not mean we truly know Him.
May He never say of us, ‘I never knew you.’

I believe as we step into 2019, there is a plumbline that is set before us to walk in greater truth and revelation which can only be found in deep communion with the Lord.

God wants to encounter us! I pray that we accept His invitation to step through the open door of deeper communion with Him and receive a fresh living encounter with the Living God!

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Holy Adoration – Come Let Us Adore Him by eagledove


by Donna Milham

It all began with holy adoration and it will be summed up eternally and forever with those whose hearts are postured to hear and respond to Heaven’s beckoning

Shepherds in a field a wintry evening
Keeping watch over their flocks
A suddenly from Heaven displays the glory of God
An angel from on High appearing
Carrying the message of Good News
The Savior is born in Bethlehem

They do not question the messenger or the message
Armies of heaven appear praising God
Singing the promise over the shepherds
Over the earth
They heard, they ran, to see
A baby, a King, in a feeding trough

King of Kings stepped out of Heaven
Leaving behind royal robes, royal Throne and Majesty
He was now wrapped in strips of cloth
Simple adorning, humble beginnings
No earthly riches on display
Hundreds were not there
No procession or crowds
Shepherds, stable, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus
Praises to God – wondrous joy
They heard – they saw
Face to face
Their Redeemer

Simeon would be next to adore
Praising and prophesying
Anna would encounter Him that very same day
84 years in the temple – worshipping God
She explodes with praises and song

The three wise men would be next
They had one purpose, and goal
To bow before the King of Kings
To worship and adore
Their suddenly came in a star directing their path
Holy guidance from Above
To hearts postured in holy adoration
Their encounter with this child King
They fell to the ground and worshipped
They brought lavish gifts
But the greatest gift was themselves prostrate before Him

He was born as all babies, naked, clothed in simplicity
He died on a cross, naked – despised and scorned
His seamless robe was gambled for on the ground below the cross
Just above their heads the Savior hung
The Roman captain awestruck
“I have no doubt we just killed the Righteous One”*
They buried him in linen – costly expensive fabric
Unlike Lazarus who was bound in simple bandages, common material
Jesus was laid in one large linen sheet
Spices – costly – as at his birth
These were specially prepared
He was wrapped in the riches of the world
Yet nothing could match the Eternal Riches of His Kingdom
He spoke the sky and stars into place
He could call upon these to wrap Him in creation’s splendor

On His ascension they worshipped and adored
This King now seated on His Eternal Royal Throne

At His return
Clothed in light and glory
A Golden crown upon His head
Brilliant with radiant splendor
And all will worship
All will bow down
All will adore
O come let us adore Him!

*(Luke  23:47TPT)

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The Harvest by eagledove


The Harvest
by Karen Elliott

Set out into the deep and cast your nets
An abundant catch is waiting
Though you’ve toiled through the night And the results have been few
                                                                         The time is accelerating
Lift up your eyes and see the fields                      
Made ready for the harvest
Go therefore and trust in Me
Even in times that seem the darkest
Arise and shine for your light has come
My glory shines within you
The world awaits My radiant ones
Whose lives reflect the True
How beautiful the feet of him
Who brings tidings of good news
Let’s go forth with joy and gladness
The great ingathering ensues

December 2018

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Eyes of Eternity by eagledove

Eyes of Eternity

by Jen Brinton

I look into the eyes of Eternity,
Where galaxies are born
And fire burns – Day and night, night and day
Time is forgotten… in the eyes of Eternity
I get lost… in the eyes of Eternity.
Deeper and deeper, I get pulled into realms –
Witnessing through His eyes
The slow birth of a star
As dust and wind move in a dance.
Invisible hands forming planets, moons, and stars,
Shaping the very fabric of the universe
With the same hands that knit me in my mother’s womb.

I look into the eyes of Eternity
Those same eyes that looked into Adam’s,
When Creator and creation met face to face for the first time.
The same eyes that beheld the fall of man
And wept for the sorrow of it –
Yet even so,
The eyes of Eternity gazed through the corridors of time, even then,
And at once, they met my eyes.
He met your eyes.
He knew the end from the beginning.
Those same eyes that I see,
Looked out over Golgotha –
Through sweat and blood,
Timeless and eternal, He knew that the prize far outweighed the price.

Yes, I can lose myself in the eyes of Eternity,
And become what I behold,
Filled with His nature,
That His gaze would meet yours through my eyes.

Though I look into realms unknown,
I will not fear, for I trust Jesus,
The One who gave it all.

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Table of Encounter by eagledove

Art by David Kieller



Poetry by Karen Elliott

Heavens Lamp shining bright

Illuminating the fruit of Love

The Table of Koinonia

Fellowship with the One

Who wraps us in His glory

The Table of Encounter

Come close – lean in

To the fruit of His Presence

Feel His breath upon your face

Throw all else aside

And come to the

Table of Encounter

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2019 Schedule by eagledove

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Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center
May 2019 Schedule
(Call for location of meetings as they vary from church to home meetings)
436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA
For more information, call Donna Milham at 978-283-9111 or Karen Elliott @ 978-621-6285


May 4, 2019 – Worship & Prayer Gathering

We believe the Lord is calling us to host a monthly worship/prayer & decree evening believing for what God wants to do on Cape Ann and the North Shore.
This is a call to the body to come together and listen to His Heart and release what we hear Him saying in heaven and decree it on earth.
It is a call for abandoned worship, dance, however Holy Spirit leads us.
It is a call to pray for the Kingdom purposes of God in this hour.
A call to gather at His Feet in awe and wonder -to worship the One Who is worthy!

We will be meeting at the Gloucester United Methodist Church, 436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA at 7pm




May 11, 2019 – No Judah’s Roar Meeting




May 18, 2019 – Eagle & Dove Apostolic Gathering

Donna Milham is the founder of Eagle & Dove Ministries and Senior Leader of Judah’s Roar Church & Apostolic Center. She is called as an apostolic leader to train, equip and release others in living a Galatians 2:20 lifestyle. Her desire is for God’s people to know the love of God in an experiential way and be established on the foundation of what His word says regarding who they are in Christ.

We will meet at The Gloucester United Methodist Church, 436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA




May 25, 2019 – Judah’s Roar Home Meeting

All are invited! Please call for location 978-283-9111





David Rosen along with his wife Terri are Founders of The Shalom Center, An Apostolic Kingdom “One New Man” spiritual community center in Camp Hill PA. David carries a unique blend of hunger and passion for the Kingdom of God, a Jewish heritage and Mohawk adoption. David has been described as a Psalmist and Musicianary annunciating the Kingdom and prophetically singing over many regions and nations in the United States, Canada, Africa, Albania, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, UK and First Nations people groups. David longs for a day when the Body of Messiah truly walks in authentic community and a Psalm 133 embrace that releases the Lord’s Commanded blessing throughout the earth. David also holds a degree as a Registered Nurse and is an entrepreneur. David and Terri are the owners of Griswold Home Care of Northern Vermont, Cumberland County, PA and Blair County, PA which carries a mission to honor senior citizens in the land and allow them to age in place with dignity in their own homes.

David also currently serves on the Executive National team of All Tribes DC

We will meet at the Gloucester United Methodist Church, 436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA






Directions to Gloucester United Methodist Church,436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA

Route 128 North to Gloucester – at rotary take 3rd exit off the rotary the sign reads “Route 127 – Annisquam”. Drive 1 mile and the Gloucester United Methodist Church is on the left. You can park on either side of the street. Parking lot is for worship team.


Weekly Prayer Meetings

Eagle & Dove Ministries
Weekly Prayer Meetings – Every Monday
“A Call to the Gate”
a-call-to-the-gate-logoEvery Monday, we meet for worship and intercession. We gather together at the mandate of the Lord to press in deeper for this Eastern Gate and this region that His Kingdom purposes will come forth. For those who have an ear to hear this trumpet call and have a heart to respond – we invite you to come and seek His Face and His Heart’s Desire in this hour. He has shown us specifically for Eagle & Dove Ministries and Judah’s Roar – that we need to lay a deeper foundation of prayer and worship for the next phase of the Worship Center/Church to be able to come forth.
Our weekly gatherings are also to press in to hear from Him the unfolding of His Blueprint for this ministry and how it links with others in this region. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. God’s Eye is on this gate and we are pressing in to lay hold of it, that He will have His Heart’s Desire – a Bride pure and spotless, this city, this region – until the hour that we cry – Come Lord Jesus Come!


Time: Mondays, 9:30am – 12:00 noon (Please feel free to join us for all or part of these meetings).
For more information, call Donna Milham at 978-283-9111
[email protected]






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The Gift by eagledove


Art & Poetry by Karen Elliott















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