Three Days by eagledove

Photo by Karen Elliott (Sunrise at Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, MA)

Three Days
by Jen Brinton

Three days of astonishing drama ––
The worst of humanity’s sin
In deep contrast to Love Himself…
You looked past the mire,
Knowing there was gold beneath
You bore weight without measure
The intangible becoming tangible
Even as you were crushed…
The earth itself broke open
As if it were loathe to witness such a deed
The sky became black
The dead rose
The Temple veil was torn

Were the people in terror?
Was the Temple in an uproar?
Did the animals scatter in fear?

Much happened in three days…
Three days, which must have seemed like three centuries
To the ones who had followed You for three years
To the ones You healed and set free ––
To the ones who forgot Your love and denied You
To the ones whose hope seemed lost
What sorrow and regret must have filled their hearts!

You said You would destroy “this temple” and rebuild it in three days
No one suspected You meant Your own body!
You said the Son of Man would be lifted high ––
But we assumed You meant on a throne!
We knew You were kingly,
But we didn’t realize that You are the King of Kings.
We thought we knew what You were talking about,
But when faced with the Cross,
We realized that we barely knew a thing.

But on the third day
The impossible became reality
Death and the grave could not hold You back!
Hell’s iron grip was as frail cobwebs
Before the explosion of resurrection power that burst open the sealed tomb!
Nothing can stand in the way of the Great I AM,
Not even death itself!

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2020 Schedule by eagledove

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Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center
April 2020 Schedule
436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA
For more information, call Donna Milham at 978-283-9111 or Karen Elliott @ 978-621-6285



We are honoring President Trump’s request to not hold public gatherings of 10 or more people during the current health challenge, therefore, we will not be holding public Judah’s Roar gatherings until further notice.

We are here for you. If you need prayer please call 978-283-9111 or 978-621-6285

If you have any questions, please contact Eagle & Dove Ministries @ [email protected]

We love you!

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14.27

“He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul…” Psalm 23:2-3a



















Directions to Gloucester United Methodist Church,436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA

Route 128 North to Gloucester – at rotary take 3rd exit off the rotary the sign reads “Route 127 – Annisquam”. Drive 1 mile and the Gloucester United Methodist Church is on the left. You can park on either side of the street. Parking lot is for worship team.


Weekly Prayer Meetings

Eagle & Dove Ministries
Weekly Prayer Meetings – Every Monday
“A Call to the Gate”
a-call-to-the-gate-logoEvery Monday, we meet for worship and intercession. We gather together at the mandate of the Lord to press in deeper for this Eastern Gate and this region that His Kingdom purposes will come forth. For those who have an ear to hear this trumpet call and have a heart to respond – we invite you to come and seek His Face and His Heart’s Desire in this hour. He has shown us specifically for Eagle & Dove Ministries and Judah’s Roar – that we need to lay a deeper foundation of prayer and worship for the next phase of the Worship Center/Church to be able to come forth.
Our weekly gatherings are also to press in to hear from Him the unfolding of His Blueprint for this ministry and how it links with others in this region. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. God’s Eye is on this gate and we are pressing in to lay hold of it, that He will have His Heart’s Desire – a Bride pure and spotless, this city, this region – until the hour that we cry – Come Lord Jesus Come!


Time: Mondays, 9:30am – 12:00 noon (Please feel free to join us for all or part of these meetings).
For more information, call Donna Milham at 978-283-9111
[email protected]






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If The Rocks Spoke by eagledove

Photo by Karen Elliott (Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA 2019)

If The Rocks Spoke

By Jen Brinton

What stories would these rocks tell
If rocks could indeed speak
How long would their memory be?
As long as this earth has been?

Of the beginning of time
When His voice commanded chaos into order
And His hands touched the very dust
Which formed flesh and bone
Of His steps when He walked the earth
Of His wondrous deeds – too many to name.

But the tale that would astound the most
Would be of His pursuit of us
Through all the woeful and wonderful deeds of man
His eye is still upon His greatest masterpiece

If these rocks could but speak
If they could only shout
The stone that moved by the angels’ hands
Would wax eloquent with awe
At the resurrection power
And majesty of Jesus

Oh, the stories they would tell
The praises they would shout!
Even so, let my voice be louder still.

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the
stones would immediately cry out.” (Luke 19:40, KJV)

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Dominion’s Sound by eagledove

Dominion’s Sound

By Donna Milham

Warrior angels,
Faces brilliant light
Glistening armor,
Swords in front of faces,
Flashing – double edged
Swords of holy illumination
To cut through every false place
And release holy revelation,
Thrust into our very heart and being
Piercing hearts with truth,
Be it done unto me – cry released,
Holy encounter, holy surrender –
Death to self
Of a life not your own
Purchased costly price
Holy, holy, holy
Holy Three
This army has no fear of death,
A victory key in their hearts and hands
The enemy’s armies of the end days
Give way to the sound of a resurrection army
Rising and marching forth


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Come and Soar with Me by eagledove

Come and Soar with Me

by Dyane Beaudette


Our King is saying
Come and soar with me
My hand is reaching out to you
Take a hold of it and I will take you higher
Do not fear, nothing is impossible for me
This same hand that is extended to you
Created the universe and was pierced on the crossFasten your heart to mine
And I will guide you with my eye
And together we will rule
From where I am seated
And in unison declare and decree
What our Father is saying

Abandon your feet’s course to my leading
And hide yourself in me
There you will see the Father’s heart
And how we have prepared a place for you
That brings you to the very destiny
We had for you from the beginning of time

So do not let human reasoning or fear
Keep you from trust and surrender
For our love surpasses all others
Surely we know what is best for you
So let go of your plans and take my hand
And you will walk in the ancient paths
And ride with the wind at my side

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You Are Mine by eagledove

You Are Mine

by Donna Milham

Recently I was at a pastors’ retreat and during worship and prayer I was shown an eagle feather and the feather had a fountain pen tip. The feather began to write on an ancient parchment scroll that was partly unrolled. The words were being written in the Blood of Jesus– and words I saw written upon this scroll were – You Are MINE!

The scroll then was folded up and sealed with the King’s Seal – the seal was in Red.

It was the King’s invitation for the shepherds and all who are His, to go out into the harvest and extend His Invitation – to become His. To become His followers, His children, His disciples.

Those who would be Divinely loved – Divinely cared for!

As His sons and daughters, we are to be those who know Him so intimately that we live in and from the place of total acceptance, complete rest and peace. From this sacred relationship we carry forth within our hearts and extend out from our very beings – His Divine Invitation.

This was a holy moment for me, one in which I understood afresh that the world is waiting for
the pure Love from the Heart of the Father, Son and Spirit – the Holy Three – a love that transcends human reasoning – and breaks through to the soul and spirit – awakening – illuminating – with the reality – I am loved, desired, wanted, and will never be alone!

I am Divinely purchased – bought with the most costly price – the blood of the Perfect Lamb. Therefore, no longer my own, I gladly surrender with unending joy, the title deed of my life, for this sacred scroll’s decree – ‘You are Mine!’

His Perfect Love swallows up every place of fear, anxiety, unrest, insecurity, rejection, orphan mindsets, ways and hearts. It releases perfect liberty and eternal justice into our lives and situations.

In the midst of a world in full blown identity crisis – Heaven is releasing a cry – a scroll – an invitation – to a world existing in hopelessness and despair.

Yet there is One Who sees and hears and looks with a full and steady Gaze upon those He loves and once again – extends His Hand and His Heart – for from His Heart we came and that is to be our eternal dwelling place that we live from and within – here and forever.

This amazing and eternal invitation –

His Heartbeat of love and the rhythm of peace and rest, living within the surety of being a child of God, journeying deep into the promises of becoming sons and daughters of the Creator – the One True and Living God.

I can hear the hearts of mankind – out of sync – crying out – what is life?

Souls that awaken in the morning and retire in the evening in a perpetual state of restlessness and endless searching for the meaning of life.

Minds that know no peace ever seeking for the answers that seem just out of reach.

The King asks of us this day –

Will we be the ones who carry the message of His Heart and extend the King’s Invitation to those needing, longing to hear –

“You are MINE”!

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In The Stillness by eagledove

In The Stillness

by Jen Brinton

In the stillness, a voice speaks my name
Subtle, quiet, almost imperceptible
My heart knows this voice
The source of life and love and light
The voice of the Father, my Brother, my King
Of comfort, affirmation, and exhortation
No other voice can drown out this one
For who can silence the One who created sound itself?
I will tune my ear
I will listen
I will heed His words

In the stillness, even between the edge of sleeping and waking
A voice speaks my name
Unfolding mysteries
Answers to questions
Riddles to ponder
He asks questions He already knows the answers to
He reinforces my identity in Him

And I, like a child, fumble for words to reply
Thanksgiving, praise, and adoration
Awe and wonder
The very contents of my being spilled before the One I love
Remember, remember – never forget
Cleave unto Him, and heed Him well
For He is Light and Life and Love
Our very sustenance…

Since before the dawn of time,
He knew your name
The sound of your voice
The number of hairs on your head…
Since before the dawn of time,
Your triumphs, your failures, your dreams
Even in life’s storms, He speaks your name.
Will you answer?

“Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
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Creation Speaks by eagledove

Photo by Karen Elliott (Molokai, Hawaii 2014)

Creation Speaks

by Jen Brinton

The mountains proclaim Your majesty with their hues of purple and blue.
The places of the deep speak of the fathomless depths of Your love, and the ocean’s tide of Your everlasting faithfulness.
The forests roar Your name when You release the winds and cause them to dance. In the autumn, their leaves change to fire and gold, blanketing the earth with Your glory.
The erupting volcano proclaims Your passion, which will never fade.
The birds sing Your praise every hour of the day, while the owl speaks of Your wisdom in the night.
Wild horses dance and play, leaping, pivoting, and tossing their manes – reminding us of Your own playfulness.
The kookaburra and the pileated woodpecker both laugh in their respective forests, just as You sit in the heavens and laugh at Your foes.
The lightenings and thunderings tell us of Your authority over all of creation – as You say, it shall be.
Even the planets and the stars have their own songs that they sing, which can only be heard in the heavens.
Everything in creation cries our Your name, joining the worship in Heaven in a magnificent symphony.
We catch but a small part, but You hear the whole – the melodies, the harmonies, the rhythms and sounds. The dances, the flashes of color, the extravagant and the simple. All woven together in a vast display, the likes of which only You could have orchestrated.
Like a child trying to be like their Father, we cannot even come close to Your perfect skill. Yet you still love it when we try.

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Leaning on Jesus by eagledove

Leaning on Jesus

by Dyane Beaudette
When I lean on Your breast
I rest and quiet my heart
It is the place where I discover
The peace and hope I am searching forDespite the circumstances that surround me
Hearing Your heartbeat calms me down
It brings alignment back to my life
As my heart calibrates to the beat of Yours

It is there that my ear is close to Your mouth
So you can whisper to me
Mysteries I would not have heard otherwise
Above the clamor of life

It is from that place of leaning in
That Your proximity
Warms the places that are cold
And grace received for the journey

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Wonder by eagledove


by Jen Brinton

When that other worldly feeling comes about
and the clouds look like mountains
as if there is another land
just beyond the horizon
that was not there before

When the sunlight gives the trees a golden tint
and the hour of dusk is nigh
as if the world were on fire
but it does not burn

It is clear there is something more
than what we see with the naked eye
in these moments, when Heaven breaks through –
a deep contrast to the mundanities of life
and it is a love letter from our Heavenly Father –

Though without the mundane –
the regular repetition of what must happen –
the beating of the heart and the breathing
of which we think nothing until it is lost –
life could not be

We can become so familiar with ourselves, that we forget the wonder that we inspire in Jesus’s heart. We gasp in wonder at a beautiful sunset – He gasps in wonder at a glance from our eyes. We can forget the intricacies of how He orchestrates every single detail in creation, that we can even take our next breath.

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