His Life Became a Decree by eagledove

Donna Milham

Phil. 3:7 – “Yet all of the accomplishments that I once took credit for, I’ve now forsaken them and I regard it all as nothing compared to the delight of experiencing Jesus Christ as my Lord!”


Paul is saying here that ALL the accomplishments of his life
He has NOW forsaken – regarding them as absolutely nothing compared to –
The Delight of Experiencing Jesus Christ as my Lord
Of truly KNOWING Him
Enriched in the REALITY of this –
Not echoing somebody else
Of Knowing & Embracing HIM

Religion cries out to us with its evil fingers
Trying to entrap our souls with lurings of ‘greatness’
Remember when….
Parading before us former accomplishment
or failures
Trying to lure us into its snare
Entrapped in proving ourselves with
endless performance
Endless postings, bios, followers..
Stating ‘this’ is who I am

Hell laughs – HEAVEN WEEPS!

FOR ‘I AM’ emptied HIMSELF and had NO reputation!

Paul – met the ONE WHO IS LIGHT- and all he once was, became burned,
Consumed – like a burning rubbish heap,
All he accomplished, all of his degrees – now in the ashes

Overcame and defeated every other desire

NOT for a moment at an altar, in a gathering
Embracing HIM & the Greatness of HIS NAME

A banner waving
Releasing and displaying


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Voices by eagledove


by Dyane Beaudette

In the middle of the storm
There are voices all around
Saying go here, go there
But Father is speaking: “stay the course,
Hold firm and look only to me”.

When all seems chaotic
And all sorts of narratives are being told
The truth can be discovered in His Word
And in listening to the voice of our Shepherd
Where peace can be found
And the path to be taken is shown.

There is an invitation that was issued
It comes from the Throne room
There is a knock at the door of your heart
If you quiet other voices you will hear:
“Will you dine with me in the presence
Of your enemies?”

As you sit at the table with Your Beloved
You will receive the strength and insight
To remain steadfast and true
In the midst of all the clamor around you.

This is the era for overcomers to arise
The valiant unstoppable ones
who ride with the King to establish His reign.

So do not shrink back in fear
Or let your love grow cold and take offense
And be deceived because if what seems
Like help is late in coming.

But look from above through the eye of the eagle
For a great celebration awaits
Those who are trusting their King
And remain loyal and true.

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10 Days of Prayer 2021 by eagledove


will be participating again this year in

10 Days of Prayer

on Saturday September 11

 @ 6:00pm

We are meeting at Stage Fort Park, Hough Ave. in Gloucester, MA.  Upon entering the park, we will be situated on the left hand side before the Welcome Center.  Look for our tent and sign.

*Bring Lawn Chairs, bug repellent*
Be sure to dress for the weather

We have been gathering at this east gate to pray & worship for Cape Ann, the North Shore, New England and the Nation.
We welcome you to join us and cry out in heartfelt worship and prayer in this crucial hour of America’s destiny.


If inclement weather, please call church 978-290-1180

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Look Beyond the Storm by eagledove


Photo by Karen Elliott

Look Beyond the storm
Dyane Beaudette

Rise up O my soul and do not be distressed
By what you see and hear and the evil
That appears to be rising
Do not look at the size of the waves
Nor fear the gathering dark clouds
For the Eternal One, Our King and our Lord
Commander of the Angel Armies
Reigns over all and is never shaken
He is closely watching all that is happening
And His heavenly rule will prevail
But you, O my soul stay steadfast and strong
Depend on God’s grace
Guard against the whispering lies
that attempt to take over your thoughts
But rather consider His great love for you
And hold on to the anchor of hope
The ache and longing you feel in your heart
Can not be fulfilled by this world
It is the haunting echoes of Eden
The cry of your heart for the Kingdom of God
And the restoration of all things
So let the voice of your heart
Join with the voice of the Spirit
And in unison cry out
“Even so Lord Jesus come quickly!”

Hebrews 9:28 “…… And now to those who eagerly await Him,
He will appear a second time; not to deal with sin,
but to bring us the fullness of salvation”
Revelation 2:20 “…….He who testifies and affirms these things says,
“Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

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2021 Schedule by eagledove

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Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center
2021 Schedule


November 20, 2021

Donna Milham will be sharing

Join us as we gather once again at the

Gloucester United Methodist Church, 436 Washington St., Gloucester, MA

Call for questions or more information: 978-290-1180








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Remember by eagledove



by Dyane Beaudette

There is a sound coming from the Throne Room
It is coming from the Father’s heart saying
To His children: Remember who you are!
The trials and challenges of these days
And the narrative of evil must not rob you
Of your identity.
I have not left you alone and I have also
Sent agents: guardians and messengers
To protect and help you
This is not the time to be passive or fearful
But to take back the ground of your heart
To keep it tender so that you can rescue others
While wielding your sword
Against every lie and narrative sent by the enemy
The story you are part of is much bigger than you know
And your role more crucial than you think
You are betrothed to a great King
Who has already won the victory
So remember who you are
and the glorious future that awaits you

But you are God’s chosen treasure—priests who are kings, a spiritual “nation” set apart as God’s devoted ones. He called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light, and now he claims you as his very own. He did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world. 1 Peter 2:9

Original Artwork by Nancy Cupp

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Depths by eagledove



By Donna Milham

Come into the deep places
By waiting on Him
Waiting and listening, receiving the next step
The next thought of God
His thoughts and His ways
Are the deep places
Leaning not on our own understanding
But crying out from the depths of our hearts
To the depth of His Heart
Show me Your Ways
Teach me Your Thoughts

His Response
My Glory Cloud is also my Glory Shaft
From the Throne
To the ocean floor
And My Heart is that Big
Know the heights and the depths of My Love
I call you UP – to the heights
I call you DOWN into the depths
of My Heart
For My Goodness is My Glory – the Goodness of My Heart

I received this from the Lord while waiting in His Presence.  Holy Spirit spoke to me that one of the main purposes of coming into the deep places of God is to change our paradigms, the way we think and view things.  That He wants to address slots of limitation that we put ourselves into.

He wants to expand us into new realms and new flows of living a prophetic lifestyle.  What is a prophetic lifestyle – listening with our hearts to His Heart and living from this posture.

While the Lord unfolded this to me I saw angels of transformation hovering, He is transforming us into His likeness for His Holy Kingdom purposes each time we press into His Heart.

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Take Courage My Heart by eagledove


Take courage my heart
Dyane Beaudette
Amidst the chaos and turmoil
Stay alert and on guard
For despair and discouragement
Are laying in wait for you

Be strong and courageous
While keeping your sword in one hand
And a trowel in the other
Confident of your Father’s love
And who He has called you to be

Do not be dismayed at what you see
But look through the eyes of the Eagle
With the heart of the Lion and
The love of a Bride
For we are not alone

It is not by the world’s means
That this battle will be won
But by Spirit and Might
For the King is coming
With the armies of heaven to take charge

So rest in assurance and trust O my heart
For the nations belong to our King
Though you may not understand
And deliverance appears to tarry
Our Hero, Our King has a plan
He is the Victorious One
And no one can stand in His way!

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The Prayer of the Bride of Christ by eagledove

Prayer of the Bride of Christ

by Dyane Beaudette


Let me be the salt in the lives of all
Who cross my path each day
that will cause a deep thirst for You
And for the love they see we share
As they look in my eyes may they see You
And that Your love would touch their hearts
And let my hands be an extension of Yours
That would bring healing and release
The substance of Your love
Let my light be a beacon calling the lost
The broken, the weary back home to the Father
For I choose not to  hide this light in fear
But rather boldly shine while declaring to all that
You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
And that my feet not stray from the narrow road
As my gaze is fixed on You my Beloved King
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The Bride by eagledove

The Bride
By Karen Elliott
Adorned in His nature
Arrayed in His character
A display of His love
Marked with righteousness
And endowed with justice
Royal, Holy, Priesthood, Nation
A Beauty to behold
Like a glorious city coming
Down from Heaven
Transparent, transcendent, transformed
Prepared for Him
She has made herself ready
In her pure and spotless gown
Made clean in His Blood
Seated with Him in the Heavenly places
Equally yoked, shining brightly,
reflecting His image
espoused to one Husband
All rejoice and are glad for
She has taken His Name
The wife of The Lamb

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