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Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center
 2021 Schedule


Judah’s Roar
‘At The Gate’

July 24, 2021

Worship & Prayer
Saturday @ 6:00pm

We have been gathering at this east gate to pray & worship for Cape Ann, the North Shore, New England and the Nation.
We welcome you to join us and cry out in heartfelt worship and prayer in this crucial hour of America’s destiny.

We are meeting at Stage Fort Park, Hough Ave., Gloucester
As you enter the park from the Boulevard,we will be on the left side near the water before reaching the Visitor Center.

Look for our Canopy & Sign

If you do not see us in this location, look for our canopy elsewhere in the park or call the number listed below.
*Bring Lawn Chairs, bug repellent*
Be sure to dress for the weather

If inclement weather, please call church 978-290-1180








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Remember by eagledove



by Dyane Beaudette

There is a sound coming from the Throne Room
It is coming from the Father’s heart saying
To His children: Remember who you are!
The trials and challenges of these days
And the narrative of evil must not rob you
Of your identity.
I have not left you alone and I have also
Sent agents: guardians and messengers
To protect and help you
This is not the time to be passive or fearful
But to take back the ground of your heart
To keep it tender so that you can rescue others
While wielding your sword
Against every lie and narrative sent by the enemy
The story you are part of is much bigger than you know
And your role more crucial than you think
You are betrothed to a great King
Who has already won the victory
So remember who you are
and the glorious future that awaits you

But you are God’s chosen treasure—priests who are kings, a spiritual “nation” set apart as God’s devoted ones. He called you out of darkness to experience his marvelous light, and now he claims you as his very own. He did this so that you would broadcast his glorious wonders throughout the world. 1 Peter 2:9

Original Artwork by Nancy Cupp

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Depths by eagledove



By Donna Milham

Come into the deep places
By waiting on Him
Waiting and listening, receiving the next step
The next thought of God
His thoughts and His ways
Are the deep places
Leaning not on our own understanding
But crying out from the depths of our hearts
To the depth of His Heart
Show me Your Ways
Teach me Your Thoughts

His Response
My Glory Cloud is also my Glory Shaft
From the Throne
To the ocean floor
And My Heart is that Big
Know the heights and the depths of My Love
I call you UP – to the heights
I call you DOWN into the depths
of My Heart
For My Goodness is My Glory – the Goodness of My Heart

I received this from the Lord while waiting in His Presence.  Holy Spirit spoke to me that one of the main purposes of coming into the deep places of God is to change our paradigms, the way we think and view things.  That He wants to address slots of limitation that we put ourselves into.

He wants to expand us into new realms and new flows of living a prophetic lifestyle.  What is a prophetic lifestyle – listening with our hearts to His Heart and living from this posture.

While the Lord unfolded this to me I saw angels of transformation hovering, He is transforming us into His likeness for His Holy Kingdom purposes each time we press into His Heart.

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Take Courage My Heart by eagledove


Take courage my heart
Dyane Beaudette
Amidst the chaos and turmoil
Stay alert and on guard
For despair and discouragement
Are laying in wait for you

Be strong and courageous
While keeping your sword in one hand
And a trowel in the other
Confident of your Father’s love
And who He has called you to be

Do not be dismayed at what you see
But look through the eyes of the Eagle
With the heart of the Lion and
The love of a Bride
For we are not alone

It is not by the world’s means
That this battle will be won
But by Spirit and Might
For the King is coming
With the armies of heaven to take charge

So rest in assurance and trust O my heart
For the nations belong to our King
Though you may not understand
And deliverance appears to tarry
Our Hero, Our King has a plan
He is the Victorious One
And no one can stand in His way!

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The Prayer of the Bride of Christ by eagledove

Prayer of the Bride of Christ

by Dyane Beaudette


Let me be the salt in the lives of all
Who cross my path each day
that will cause a deep thirst for You
And for the love they see we share
As they look in my eyes may they see You
And that Your love would touch their hearts
And let my hands be an extension of Yours
That would bring healing and release
The substance of Your love
Let my light be a beacon calling the lost
The broken, the weary back home to the Father
For I choose not to  hide this light in fear
But rather boldly shine while declaring to all that
You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
And that my feet not stray from the narrow road
As my gaze is fixed on You my Beloved King
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The Bride by eagledove

The Bride
By Karen Elliott
Adorned in His nature
Arrayed in His character
A display of His love
Marked with righteousness
And endowed with justice
Royal, Holy, Priesthood, Nation
A Beauty to behold
Like a glorious city coming
Down from Heaven
Transparent, transcendent, transformed
Prepared for Him
She has made herself ready
In her pure and spotless gown
Made clean in His Blood
Seated with Him in the Heavenly places
Equally yoked, shining brightly,
reflecting His image
espoused to one Husband
All rejoice and are glad for
She has taken His Name
The wife of The Lamb

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The Joy Set Before Him by eagledove

The Joy Set Before Him

Donna Milham
Gazing down the corridor of Time
Focused on His Promised Bride
Do you see Him – His Eyes
Do you see yourself as His bride
Eyes of Desire and Longing
Eternal Eyes of Devoted Love
He hung there
For your glance that ravishes His Heart!
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To See Beyond by eagledove

To See Beyond

Karen Elliott

For the past week or so, the Lord has been reminding me of a word He spoke to me several years ago and its significance for today. I feel He is prompting me to share it to encourage us to look beyond what we are seeing with our natural eyes.

A number of years ago as I was riding in the passenger seat coming home from a meeting, I was contemplating some things that I needed answers for. It was evening and the sky was pitch black.  As I was staring out the window into the dark night, suddenly, a brightly lit sign caught my eye. Against the skyline stood a building with a neon-like blue sign that read “C BEYOND.”

My heart was immediately quickened by Holy Spirit. He was reminding me, once again, to look beyond the natural circumstances and my own reasoning, to see what He is doing.  Many times He has spoken to me about looking beyond the natural realm if I want to ‘really’ see what is happening. On that night, He was reconfirming His word to me that I should not judge by what I am seeing externally, and that to move ahead into the future and stand in the midst of what looks to be crazy world circumstances, I must be able to ‘see beyond’ to what He is doing.  Since that day years ago, it seems to me that the world has become even more crazy and volatile.

After this experience, several weeks later, I was returning from another meeting. Again I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car looking out into the night for the building with the blue sign and sure enough, there it was.  Funny, I had never seen this before, even after countless times driving past it.  This time however, there was even more! On the same building along the right top corner were words that were lit up in the same blue lights.  It read, ‘Keypoint’!

I immediately understood that the Lord was saying that to ‘see beyond is the keypoint’ for the hour we are living in. It couldn’t be more clear to me.

The unseen realm must become more real to us than this natural worldly realm!

I believe that this is fresh revelation for this time, even though it is something, we as children of God should continually live in and be aware of. The truth is, too many of God’s children get caught up in the events of the day in the natural realm and are not looking beyond into how the Lord is moving and shifting things in the supernatural realm.

My prayer for us as God’s beloved children is that we will continue to develop a deeper intimacy with Him on a daily basis, drawing near to Him, seeking His presence, tarrying with Him. From this place, we will be transformed, and we will live from the realm where He dwells and see things through His eyes from the place we are seated with Him in the heavens.

I pray that we will grow into the place of seeing beyond the worldly circumstances that seem to surround us.  There are more that are with us than we can see! May our eyes be opened to see beyond!

“When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early in the morning, an army of horses and chariots had surrounded the city. So he asked Elisha, “Oh my master, what are we to do?” “Do not be afraid,” Elisha answered, “for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”  Then Elisha prayed, “Oh Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.” And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw that the hills were full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”  2Kings 6:15-17

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Who Wants Me Just For Me? by eagledove

Donna Milham

Who wants ME, just for Me?
This is His Heart cry to His people
Those who will seek Him for intimate relationship,
This is what Jesus died on the cross for,
Restoration of covenant relationship with the Trinity
Yes, we need to seek His gifts – BUT – seeking Him first
For relationship and then from this place
His gifts will come forth with holiness, purity, and power
Flowing from oneness with Him

Who wants me, just for me?
This is the heart cry of His people to each other
Not wanted for their gifts, but for who they are
Heart to heart fellowship
Not being used for building a church or ministry
But pure and holy relationships that bring glory to the
Father, Son and Spirit.

Revelatory Writing by Donna Milham from her book “At His Feet”

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Intricately Made by eagledove

Jen Brinton

Did the ground tremble as You walked from the grave?
Joy and mystery in Your eyes
You draw my heart closer
Surrounded by nothing more than Your presence
My heart trembles at the majesty before me
If I will give You everything
If I worship only You
Casting aside all distractions
All vain imaginings
Allowing You into every part of me
Leaving nothing untouched
In the quietness, and even in the loud times.
I can hear you if I listen
No one can find me when I am
In that hidden place with You
Sacred space, where none but You and I are allowed
I long for this with everything in me
More than food, more than the air I breathe
It gives me strength,
Quiet strength that cannot be stolen
You knit me together in my mother’s womb
You know everything about me
Nothing I do surprises You
Yet now, after so much has happened,
I once more come before You
Make me holy, make me new
Let me never forget
That You knit Yourself into my innermost being
The day that I said yes
You infiltrated my life
You delight in me, the work of Your hands
Fingers weaving threads – here a color change,
There a different stitch or a cable
Never stopping the work until it is done
You spoke words of life and love
As You wrapped that yarn,
Dipped Your hand, pulled it through the loop
You wove in Your love and grace,
A bit of fire that would grow with time.
Some depth, strength, and tenacity
Gentleness of spirit –
Pieces of Your nature –
And then You placed a gap in the work
That only You could fill.
So intricate the work,
No one else could do it
It could not be happenstance
That these eyes have some of the fire from Your eyes
That this smile gleams with Your life and light
I am Your child, through and through
Your DNA woven into my very being
For You gave of Yourself when You breathed into Adam,
And more so when You spilled Your blood,
That most sacred substance,
More costly than all the riches of the universe,
and You gave it all
You made me to be
Precious in Your sight
Interwoven with You
A thousand crowns could not compare
A million years could not devalue
What You have given me,
What You  have offered all of mankind.
Do we recognize it?
How valued we are in Your sight?
How sacred the breath of life in our lungs?
Do we see the secret workings of Your hands
In a mother’s womb?
Each one a work of love!

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