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Judah’s Roar Church & Worship Center




May 27, 2023

Donna Milham will be sharing the message.

Donna Milham has a passion to truly live a life of holy union with the Lord – to accept and extend His invitation into the intimate places of His Heart – and to share with others the journey of the communing of our hearts and spirits with the Lord. She is a revelatory teacher, always seeking to explore the heights and depths of His Word, seeking to bring forth understanding of the mysteries of His Kingdom.  Her desire is for people to know the love of God the Father in an experiential way and to discover their true identity in Christ. She is an author who paints with words what the eyes of her heart see and to bring them forth for others to encounter the realms of His unending love and truth. Donna Milham is founder of Eagle & Dove Ministries and Judah’s Roar Church.

Judah’s Roar gatherings have entered into a new season and a new meeting place.
With the closing of Gloucester United Methodist Church where we have been meeting for many years, we will now, for a season be hosting ‘home church’ gatherings.
We will continue to meet on Saturday evenings at 7pm.
These meetings are open to the public, however we do not post the address.
For location, please call the church phone – 978-290-1180 or email at [email protected]

We would love to have you join us!










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