by Donna Milham

The Lord loves abandoned hearts that pour out extravagant worship unto Him.
To dance before the Lord is a way to express our devotion to Him, for Him, with Him.
It is our expression through movement of holy honor unto the One Who is Worthy of all praise.

In the corporate setting dance paints a canvas for eyes to view an unfolding, spontaneous response to His Divine Love, to His Divine Touch, to His Desire of us.
In the private setting it is the intimate exchange between His Bride and the Bridegroom.

Dance can be spontaneous during worship, exploding with passion and dancing in His delight. It is moving with the emotions of His Heart that are being released from Heaven.  To be an ambassadors of His Heart through movement – revealing it to those who have eyes to see and perceive what He is saying through the dancers’ movements.

The King of Glory comes down into a room, a response arises, banners and flags begin to move in holy response – making declarations into the atmosphere.  Heaven sees, hell watches…….The Name of the Lord is being displayed.  His Colors raised high – releasing holy sounds of silk snapping in the air – He Alone is Lord!!!

Jesus Christ is the Lord of the dance!
Heaven awaits a governmental dance troupe who know who they are and Whose they are!  They move with the Lion – Who is the Lamb – Who is the Lion!
They dance to the rhythms of Heaven………they move with confidence and yet in humble surrender to their King.
Their feet are filled with fire and  they dance on injustice!  They release His promises and prophetic decrees into the land, into the atmosphere.  They can change a room, a heart and release breakthrough in gatherings of the Body.

This type of dance is a threat to the enemy – it is a frontier still yet to be explored to its fullest realms.
Worship dance is more than a special dance at an offering, or during a gathering – it is worship – it is governmental – it is breakthrough – it is intimate – it is holy – it is warfare – it is life releasing – it is light declaring – it is freedom expressed.

The dance of abandonment requires no fear of man, locked gazes with Him, listening and responding to His Heart’s desires.  Like the woman with the alabaster jar………rushing past the religious glares and comments……to pour out worship at the Feet of Jesus. 
His response was to ‘leave her alone’, (John 12:7)……….
I believe He still speaks this today – leave them alone – they are Mine, and I love their dance, I love their passion, I love their pouring forth for Me.

Michal despised David’s abandoned posture before the Lord………Heaven loved it!
An earthly king who stripped himself of his kingly robes, to dance unashamedly, without apology, before the King of Kings.   
Worship dancers listen for Heaven’s Applause, not the applause of man.  It is not entertainment, this is worship – this is warfare – this is strategic.

My heart longs for the Body to understand that dancers are not meant to be in some little corner up front or delegated to the back. 
Even as those who play instruments have their ‘posts’ – so must a dancer.
Artists have their easels, preachers their podiums, musicians their assigned places but what about the dancers??? 
Posted, ready, positioned, waiting, to be released in a moment…… dance, to flag, to move on His Breath and His Command.

Dancers not only follow and spontaneously release that the worship is declaring but they also can take the lead. It requires a team of musicians and a dancer (s) that can flow together – hear together and humbly give way to each other.  Where is the anointing resting – is the dancer hearing from Heaven and interpreting the music flowing forth…..
Do they sense what is now taking place in the Heavenlies and begin to posture themselves and release what they are seeing and hearing – will the musicians humbly follow – causing the realms of Heaven to now kiss on earth – holy explosions of light and sound and movement.  And the angels come – responding to movement of the dance – and they join in.  Suddenly Heaven is in our midst and transformation of lives, hearts, lands begin to take place.

Many times I have been in meetings and awaiting breakthrough – the worship alone was not enough – the prophetic word alone was not enough – the dance was missing.
The holy fiery feet and hearts of those who have been called and created to release Governmental Dance!

So I call forth the dancers  to arise and take your place.
I dream of a troupe that will move in governmental authority across this region!