Eagle & Dove Academy

 Eagle & Dove Academy & Orphanage Photos


The vision of this ministry is to present a holistic solution to the hardships and injustices found around our world. To feed, clothe and shelter both healthy orphans as well as the discarded victims of the scourge of HIV/AIDS. We must also present them and  our churches with viable solutions for living independent of the world system..As someone once said, it is no longer an issue of giving someone a fish or teaching them to fish; we need to ask who owns the lake. we can deliver them the food, the training and the lake and free them from exploitation, even well intentioned exploitation.



We provide an orphanage for classic orphans who have been abandoned or whose parents have died. We also provide them with schooling and training.

We provide an orphanage and hospice for children affected by the HIV and AIDS virus. As many of these children require special care and have a low chance of survival, they remain discarded and nearly un-adoptable. We provide them with family, security, care and above all else, love.

Eagle and Dove Academy ensures continuous education of orphans in Kenya in a Christian environment, and to expand the possibilities of a brighter future for them.

The purpose of Eagle and Dove Academy  is to support primary, secondary and continuous education of Kenyan orphans.



Through donations we provide homeless Kenyan orphans a nurturing place to live, food to eat and a school to attend.

My hope is that you will join us, help these children have a better chance in life and become productive citizens of the world.



We are currently raising the finances to build a permanent home for them. At the moment, all of the children are staying with church members or in a rented hostel.

There are still more that are in need of education, shelter, food, clothing and accommodation. Due to financial constraints we have been helping them partially. Most of them are orphaned due to rampant HIV/AIDS, though free from the virus themselves as of now. Due to high poverty levels some are unable to get basic needs and education.