by Donna Milham

What is prophetic dance? It is seeing and hearing what the Lord is doing in Heaven and releasing it on earth.
Therefore it takes more than the skill of dance to be a prophetic dancer.
One may have years of skilled training and be able to present a polished piece but this does not qualify it as prophetic.
It can even be presented to a  ‘prophetic piece of music’ – choreographed just so –
but if there is not a connection to Heaven – it is perhaps at best an anointed dance.
Which is wonderful and needed – however it is not a prophetic dance.

Prophetic dance is prophesying what is going on in Heaven to earth……it is heaven kissing earth……….and the dancers body is used a ‘His holy messenger’ for decree and proclaim what is on His Heart and on His Mind and what He is wanting to do at any given time, place or moment.

It is not limited to a church service or to a conference  – this is also meant for the marketplace.  One can prophesy in dance without any music – you can receive a word and speak it out and move it out all at the same time.  It is spontaneous and on the spot and downloaded from heaven into your spirit and out through your body.

(This is taken from longer teaching on Prophetic Dance by Donna)