Word of Encouragement to Parents and Grandparents

By Lupe King

Children small or adult are Father’s blessings, yet at time in our humanness, sometimes we wonder…

I share this letter to God with all of you so that you may know every effort in blood, sweat, and tears, for our generations are worth its weight in gold.

Dear God, “Good Morning, ABBA.” How I love being in Your Presence, how I love spending time with You…

God, these moments with You are absolutely precious to me, where Father, would I be without You?

Thank You that You never tire of me, thank You that You are always willing and ready to listen and engage.

Thank You for dialog that goes both ways, thank You for encouragement, and thank You for The Living Hope, Jesus, thank You for counsel and thank You for wisdom, thank You for the rebukes and thank You for the discipline/s.

Father, this is the day that You have made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! REJOICE, REJOICE, again I say REJOICE!

Father, You move in my life like a whirlwind! You bring change into the atmosphere of my personal life and the sphere of influence in the lives of my adult sons and daughters and grandchildren.

Father, You know that as a parent of “now” adult sons and daughters and their children, that I am still making mistakes. Father, if only there was a manual we could all read or a school we could all go to, to learn to be “perfect” parents and grandparents, like You, Daddy. How do You do it, Father?

When You were on earth as Jesus, You lived in the same sinful world we live in now, yet, You sinned not! You were always God, even while living in a “flesh” suit.

Help us, Father, to be like Jesus, in this time that we live in. Help us, Father, to be faithful parents, and grandparents, teach us Your ways O’ God.

Strengthen us Holy Spirit, that we would draw holy boundaries with our adult sons and daughters and our young grandchildren. Father that we would all flourish under the umbrella of Your consistent and persistent ways. May our prayers for them never cease and may they not become ritualistic or repetitive.

May our prayers for our sons, daughters, and grandchildren, always bring You glory and praise and may You be magnified through each and every tear shed for them and on their behalf.

God, someday I will see all of my prayers for all my sons, daughters, and grandchildren, come to fruition in Your name!

Father, all I really want, and You know my heart, is for ALL of them to come to the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ! I want them to have relationship with You. I want them to know You intimately.

Father, if they have You, they have everything! This is all I want for them and this is everything! Father, help me not to tire of doing good, for in due time, I shall reap a harvest!

Bless You, Daddy

I Love You


WORD (in response to prayer)

Dear Daughter, My heart is overwhelmed as your heart reveals itself to Me. Like the Child of God that you are, you are overflowing in your love for Me. This brings Me great Joy.

If only you could see yourself as I see you, My Shining One. My compassion overflows for your sons, daughters, and grandchildren…O’ My child, the inheritance, the legacy you have sown in tears and concerns, the inheritance and destiny of everyone of your sons daughter, and grandchildren, your faith in Me, your expectations in Me, the unquenchable hope, the Holy moaning and groaning of The Spirit-Man, Jesus, that is continually on His face before Me, crying out, “ABBA, ABBA, forgive them for they know not what they do, Father, they know not what they do!!!

You spirit is joined to Him each and every time you cry out, “ABBA, ABBA!”

My heart is distraught and broken for the generations of My Shining Ones, Cry out! Cry out! Cry out! That My great hand of mercy would be moved.

Do you not know, My daughter, that your children are My children, they are, Creation-Man. How I LOVE them! Your sons and daughters and grandchildren (spiritual ones as well), are blessed to have a Holy voice raised up on their behalf. Someday they will all realize, that the Burning-Man, Jesus, lived and moved amongst them in the tangible presence of their mother and grandmother. Eyes will be opened and Holy revelation will have its way with them.

Do not give way to discouragement, daughter, know that “WE” hear you, and Your words from Me do not return void!

O’ what a glorious day it will be, when your sons and daughters and grandchildren all sing in Unisom, “Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest, our God reigns,” and you along with The Witnesses in heaven, in agreement, will shout, “Yes and Amen, Come, Lord Jesus, Come!”

With My Eternal Love