Waiting (God Amongst Us)

by Lupe’ King

 It was a time of waiting…God’s people had heard and knew the Words spoken from those before them, “There will be a Savior…”

It had been spoken many generations before them, their ancestors had also waited…and there came a Savior, not just a deliverer but THE Deliverer.

God, amongst them in the flesh and because the human ideas and expectations of what God was supposed to look like, He was rejected and scorned by men, the very ones He came to save, the very reason God, willed Himself to be born through human flesh, and live amongst His very own creation, that which was fashioned by His own hands, that which His very breath had brought them life, man.

Creation Man cried out:

All that time of praying, waiting, expecting…and God sends a Carpenter’s son?  How can this be, this is not what we were expecting!  This is not what we’ve waited for!

Father God, through eyes of flesh, being contemplated…

 Human expectations, creating walls of unbelief!

 Joseph’s son…a woodworker.  He, who knew how to work/create with wood, would someday die upon it…

 ”Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”

 Father God’s resurrection power raised Him from the dead.  Once again he lived and walked amongst us (humanity), ascended unto heaven and now lives to intercede for both believing and unbelieving humanity.

He did not forsake us to our own methods of “making it on our own,” but left Holy Spirit (His Spirit), to live within us, providing counsel and help with our spiritual growing pains.

 We His people of this present time have also heard and are, “waiting…” waiting for His return once again…

Look up for your redemption draws nigh!

The cries of unbelieving man today are not so different from the cries of ancient unbelieving man, compelled by flesh they walk away in unbelief and say, “There is no God!  He’s just a character in a fairytale story, beautiful but not real!  I cannot believe in whom/what I have not seen or heard (tangibly).”

We His people at times tire of waiting and cry out, “When Father, when? 

Unbelieving humanity waits not knowing for what/whom.  Believing humanity waits, but tires of waiting and doubts.

Emmanuel!  God with us! What a wondrous and miraculous sign, what an awesome reality, that The Virgin Birth was/is/ forevermore will be The greatest reality in the history of mankind!

Creation, Creation-man, impacted in ways that cannot be understood…Eternity is a given, we will live forever with Father or we will live forever with the absence of

He who gave up everything, including His own Son for us.

 As we wait let us ponder on all of the above, may He who is Light and Life, illumine our times of waiting and may there be Holy expectations of His coming arrival, as the magi, awaited expectantly the birth of our forever King, born in a manger.