Judah’s Roar Tribe

Tribe: a family, circle of relatives; figuratively, a class (of persons), a tribe or people

An encampment (of travelers or troops); hence, an army, whether literal (of soldiers) or figurative (of dancers, angels army, band, battle, camp, company, drove, host, tents.

a race (as of the same habit), i.e. a tribe; Gentile, nation, people.

There is a cry within each of our hearts to belong, to be part of something to live and to die for. To be linked with a group of people – a family – a tribe – that has a common purpose and call. The One we are willing to lay our lives down for is Jesus Christ the one True King.

Each of us is created with a spiritual DNA that the Lord put within our spirit man. This DNA is awakened when we find the ‘tribe’ that we are meant to have divine alliance with for His kingdom purposes.

Many in the Body are wandering, in transition – looking for where they fit, where they connect. This is the hour to know whom you are to stand side by side with and link arms and hearts for God’s holy desires and plans.

The Israelites knew the tribe they belonged to. They knew the standard of their tribe and would watch for the raising and lowering of it in battle. They knew what standard they marched under and who they marched with. They had prophetic purpose, focus and destiny with their tribe.

Judah’s Roar is a church and a training/equipping center. For those who are looking to  become part of the family at Judah’s Roar, we have felt led to begin the “Tribe” of Judah’s Roar.

Being part of the family means:

  • Chance to use your gifts in a safe environment
  • Training, equipping and release
  • Family, fellowship, prayer support
  • Workshops, conferences, guest speakers
  • Special training weekends/gatherings
  • Bible studies – weekly
  • Outreaches and missions trips
  • Volunteering/involvement with events
  • Creative release
  • Weekly prayer gatherings
  • Personal ministry