by Donna Milham

All done from the Center
Oneness with God

Posture – John’s head on His Breast
Drinking of His Sustenance – His Nature
Listening to His Heartbeat
His Heart’s Desires
Cadence of His Heart
Cadence of Heaven
What He feels – is the rhythm of Heaven

Is He in Lover Mode – flag of dance of romance
Is He in Warrior King Mode  –   flag of battle and war

To reveal His Heart and His Desires and Purposes
So others eyes can see and ears can hear and respond
Heaven on earth

Ambassadors of Heaven
Intimacy andoneness is the goal
Distraction is the enemy of the soul
Enemy petrified of intimacy and organic union
True oneness with God
He will throw everything at you to stop this
So the fire goes out
Electric current of His Divine Life stops flowing
Lose focus
Lose vision
Lose purpose

Hot pursuit of Him – from being with Him –
No shortcuts
Can’t live on yesterday’s encounter
Fresh kiss – heart to heart
Fresh embrace

Purpose- to take the land and hold it
Take portion of your heart today
What is it
Shame;  fear of man; envy; jealousy;
Gossip; cold hearts; greed….

Time for Freedom – to stake the land of our hearts

Flags of hope
Flags of love
Flags of war
Flags of passion
Standard of Cross
Banners of heaven
Banners of Home

Greatest banner you can wave is His Divine Love – Love of the Cross

Be living walking banners and flags of declaration
Banners of love
Waving in Wind of Lord’s Breath of Life
Released from Above
Releasing fragrance of  Life
Banners of Light and Life
Love and Mercy
Future and Hope
Releasers of Life
Simplicity of devotion
ALL for His Holy Name’s Sake

Nameless faceless – light beings – incandescent humility – burlap(humble) releasers of life – green(new life) royal priesthood – purple camoflage – worshipping warriors.