by Donna Milham

She poured forth perfume
Costly extravagance revealed
Why this waste?
She had caught a glimpse
A sliver of Light – Revelation
From sitting at His Feet
An understanding – This is the One
Who will waste Himself on and for – me!
And how can she do anything less
Than take what the world said was her security
and lavish it all
extravagantly on Him
Pouring forth
She declared in her actions
YOU are my security
YOU are more valuable than silver and gold….
I WILL waste myself on You
worshipping with all my ‘future’
From a heart – that by Your very Spirit –
YOU enlightened and enlarged
Not for more things or for notoriety
But for YOU
Extravagance revealed through the heart of one whose eyes had been opened
She saw Eternity’s Kiss
And she bent down and poured in grateful devotion
Man called it wasteful
The ONE whose opinion matters called it:
An eternal message of pure love that would echo through time and space
Resounding over and over and over………
Here I am
Here I come to pour
To offer every part of me – everything else I ever trusted in
I ask for nothing in return
For I have had a glimpse of PROMISE
I see with the eyes of my heart
I know I can pour because
I am YOURS now and for all of eternity
Extravagant SONSHIP revealed
Slavery within – crushed that day
Liberty and Love’s Fragrance flowed
As an offering received and recorded in Heaven
The death of worldly security, the death of man’s opinion
Extravagant worship
Captured His Heart in that moment
Preparing Him not only for His physical death on the cross
But the betrayal coming in the garden
One followed (Judas) – for political and religious gain
This one (Mary) worshipped just to be up close, again –
One more time AT HIS FEET
And her posture of being poured out
Helped prepared His Heart for the pain about to strike it –
Both had access to His Heart
Up close access
One entered in
The other stayed at a distance
Betrayed with a kiss
On the cheek
But Mary prepared Him with humble pouring
and kisses and tears
At His Feet
Extravagance prepared the way for betrayal’s kiss
30 pieces of silver versus Mary’s ‘life savings’
Who do you say I AM
You can only offer your all when HE is your everything
Extravagance revealed!