What If?

by Lupe’ King

What if the Gospel of Jesus Christ, meant to reach all nations, at this specific moment of our personal, corporate, and individual time of our lives, started exactly where we are sitting, walking or lying down, right now?

What if women, men, and children of all tongues and tribes listened to The WORD, right now?

What if you and I dared to “loose” hope and encouragement in our present atmospheres of being, right now?

What if we all stopped waiting for one another to go,“first,“ right now?

What if we dared to use His gifts through us and recite poetry (Holy) out loud in our parks and corners of our neighborhoods, right now?

What if His artists started sketching Holy downloads and started painting portraits of His heart for humanity, in the marketplace, right now?

What if we all started dancing to the rhythm of heaven in public, right now?

What if we just started speaking, “JESUS,” out loud, even if there is no one to listen, right now?

What if we dared to be who we are at our church meetings, outside the four walls, right now?

What if we dared to offer healing and prayer to an audience that’s just curious about what’s going on, right now?

What if Praise and Worship became an ongoing, “thing,” in and out of season, outside the four walls, right now?

What if we, The Children of God, would stop counting the cost and not love our lives unto death, for the sake of His glory and the salvation of all lost souls, right now?


What if…?

What if…?

What if…?


Friends and Family in Yashua, there is no more time to waste, people are hungry, thirsty, and searching for He who is Relationship, Love, and Acceptance.

 We His righteous ones have what they so need and desire.  It is up to us to share Him and then give Him away as well.

 We are the vessels filled with His oil, forged through His crucifixion and covered by His blood, for such a time as this.  Let us with boldness and courage cast off all restrains and let us, RUN! RUN! RUN! to the Harvest fields that are ripe and ready for the picking!

 Souls are at stake and the season is upon us…It is time…It is time… It is time!!!