Pioneering New Horizons

By Donna Milham

Our Christian life is meant to be an adventure – to be lived fully in every way! God calls us to pioneer new horizons in the natural and spiritual realms. God never meant for our lives to be boring – He invites us to explore the wide open plains of His Kingdom and to seek the ‘thin places’ with Him.  The ‘thin places’  are where the heavenlies are more accessible, where Heaven and earth seem to kiss in extravagant ways, and we have the privilege to access and enter into the realms of Heaven.  It is where we can hear more clearly His Voice, see more clearly from God’s Eye View, feel Him more intensely – a  place with Divine Access!  These are places where God’s children have prayed and worshipped and created a sacred space of intimacy with God for themselves and others to enter into the depths of God’s Love. 

Thus began my journey – I was born a pioneer – to blaze a new way and He brought me into a three year journey and beyond of studying the ways of Celtic Christianity.  This led me to a pilgrimage to Scotland – Iona –Hebrides Islands.  There I did encounter the thin veiled places and met with God in unique and powerfully intimate moments.  

The Lord called me to this pilgrimage and put within my heart there a blaze for this region to walk in and experience these realms, this lifestyle – this prophetic journey.  Also to call and believe for an awakening that took place on the Hebrides Islands from 1948 to 1952 where the people of those islands were awakened into revival that shook the islands with Holy Fire Visitation of the Lord.

I believe it is the now time of God to have our eyes opened to truly see Him and His Kingdom.  As men and women we can set borders and boundaries around our lives and our Christian walks. The Lord drew the boundaries of the seas and lands with His Mighty Finger.  And yet He invites us to step past our securities, ideas and safe places and step across our borders into the reality of “In Him we live and move and have our being” – for this to become reality – tangible – every moment of everyday.

It was the cry of the heart of Celtic pilgrims – “open our eyes to see greater vistas – becomes explorers – vision of our world and our very lives – enlarged and expanded”.

Today may our eyes be touched afresh as the Celtic Church understood – ‘to see in the visible, those things which are invisible”

They understood Creation pointed to a Creator.  They saw creation as a way to commune with Holy Three – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  All of creation worships Him and if we are silent the rocks will cry out!  For too long the new age movement has taken what has belonged to the Lord and His people, to hear the Lord in the wind whispering, to hear His Voice on the waves calling to our hearts, to sing with the birds in the morning and to awaken the dawn with a song.

God didn’t create the earth and galaxies full of its wonders and walk away – but reveals Himself to man again and again.  A God who is ablaze, He invites us into His Blazing Heart – to walk intimately – with no compartments.

Our lives are not to be broken down into compartments, where we exchange ‘hats’ for each part of our day, now a father or mother, now at our job, now a pastor, now…….no it is walking in the ebb and flow of we are one with Him in all we do and He is in us.  “To live and move and have our being in Him”, throughout the day, an ebb and a flow of walking by His Spirit.

We need to regain a sense of wonder and reverence and awe!!
To walk in the wonder and awe of God!
“He encompasses us on all sides, like the world itself. What prevents us from enfolding Him in our arms, only one thing, our inability to SEE Him”

Celtic Christians did not seek to separate things in their world but to ALIGN and bring them into unity. When they said ‘Be Thou My Vision O Lord – they were asking to reach beyond what the natural eye could see – horizons and stars – to see the Creator Himself – to see the very center of everything!
“Open my eyes that I may see the WONDER all around me”

Where there is no vision the people perish.
I feel our vision is far deeper than what our call is, our church or ministry, it is the vision of the Holy Three and to ever live within this reality – of their tangible Presence – drawing near.  Then will we be aware and step in, it comes softly gently, a cloud appears, will we see – will we step in?

Celtic prayer  was always for “vision of God “ a God in their midst – who encompasses them, God who was at their fireside, in the stable, walked with them, watched over when they slept .  No compartments  – an ebb and flow – a rhythm, a lifestyle! This is not what American Christians for the most part experience.
Lost in ipods, ipads, noise, busyness, cellphones, texts, computers, t.v, noise, daily life filled with noise and distraction.  No stillness.

No journey of rest, little seeing and hearing, microwave Christianity and microwave results – spiritual food that does not sustain – no quiet within – restless – always searching for satisfaction – the next word, the next place or thing.

May we pray as the Celtic saints did – that their eyes would be opened – and all five senses awakened to see His realm – thin places and walk closely with Him.  To walk in expectancy to see Him as they walked through their day – they walked purposefully and intently – gazing for Him!

It is all about the posture of our hearts – our inner beings – the very center of who we are.  To live from our hearts.

They sought heart to  Heart relationship with the Holy Three.
They would not give up until His Heart was within theirs and they were in the very Heart of God = pilgrimage of His Heart!
“Through heart relationship, Vision is cleared and ALL things seem to speak of God”

When I am not in this place I do not truly see the butterfly’s path – hear the birds message in its song, sense His Wind on my face and His Breath on my neck – I am not as quickened to the suddenly of  – He is near!
I miss the dew lights’ message on the grassy fields sparkling with a chorus all its own – the sea and stars grand orchestration song and display –
The Big Dipper extending to all who are thirsty – come!
Orion – the great Warrior King standing guard and watch over us!
To stand at the shores and sing in the spirit from my heart and release unto Him holy songs – knowing they go out – never to be stopped!
Even as ‘Let There Be Light’ is still travelling through time and space – the Eternal Word – new galaxies being created – by His Eternal Decrees.
He is in us – we are co laborers – lovers – releasing the reality of His Kingdom – we must see and live in and by and through the Heart of God.
The Kingdom of God is within – Heart and heaven are one.
Jesus is enthroned in Heaven and in my heart – it is here heaven and our hearts become one! Ever journeying deeper……..!


*All Quotes From Author David Adams


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