The Vision

What we believe…

Eagle & Dove Ministries believes that artisans are being called to be ambassadors of His Heart, bringing forth prophetic messages with His Spirit of creativity flowing through them. We believe that the arts will release the ministry of reconciliation and impact many lives for His kingdom purposes. The world is waiting to hear, see and experience the passionate love of Jesus Christ. It is time for His artisans to arise that they may reveal God’s plans and purposes in this hour. The arts have direct access to men’s hearts, it is time to use the “keys” He has given His people.

His church is His worshipping bride and warring army and it is time for us to take our places as sons of God declaring His name and His kingship to every tongue, tribe and nation. It is about the King and His kingdom, not about performance or drawing attention to ourselves. We set the platform for Him and we hide behind the cross as His Glory is revealed for all mankind to see.

Eagle & Dove incorporates a full range of the arts in a corporate setting, releasing prophetic decrees and acts of intercession for His Kingdom purposes to come forth.

We desire for people to experience radical heart encounters with a loving God as worship and the arts are brought into the marketplace for the purpose of revealing Jesus through creative evangelism.

We hold weekly Judah’s Roar meetings and offer workshops and conferences to train, equip and release others. Our goal is for people to understand their gifts and callings, and how this impacts both their personal walk, the corporate Body and the world. That each would use their God given gifts in the sphere of influence that He has entrusted them with.

Ministry of reconciliation and restoration, reconciling the hearts of men to their Creator. To restore and redeem all that was taken from indigineous people groups -dance, art, music, instruments, dress…

Each people group, tribe, and tongue has a unique gift from the Father that the Body of Christ needs to be restored in this hour, that we would be able to show forth His praises and His glory. That Heaven would be reflected on earth!

Healing Rooms are a part of our Center, incorporating worship, arts and prayer -knowing that lives, communities and nations can be transformed by His Healing Touch.

Our Mission

That we go forth…

  • As living sacrifices unto the LORD with abandoned worship
  • With the dove’s singleness of eye focused solely on the LORD
  • With the eye of an eagle, keen and sharp with revelation from Heaven
  • With the fearlessness of the eagle who flies into the storms of life and soars out and up into the heavenlies with the LORD
  • With the roar of the Lion of Judah in our hearts and spirits, releasing His jealous love