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Eagle & Dove Ministries has been called by God as a Gatekeeper Ministry.  We believe that the restoration of this nation cannot come forth fully without the First Nations people, who are the original Gatekeepers of Turtle Island (North America).  Our heart is to see the restoration of honor, dignity, voice and culture in our First Nations brothers and sisters.  We feel called to offer a platform for First Nations and stand alongside each other in covenant relationship.

We believe that the Body of Christ is incomplete without First Nations – Native Americans – Indigenous People Groups.  They came forth from the Father’s Heart and carry unique giftings, cultures, and creative expressions of His Kingdom, which reveal aspects of His Heart & Nature.

We have hosted several gatherings with First Nations leaders for healing of the land and hearts of the people, for restoration and building of relationships. Team members have traveled to Native American reservations in the United States and Canada to come alongside, to love and to serve.

We stood alongside our First Nations, Inuit and Metis brothers and sisters in Canada in 2010 at the Forgiven Summit as they accepted the apology given by the Nation of Canada for atrocities committed against them in the Boarding Schools.


About First Nations

Many First Nations people live and walk as the original and host peoples of this land, walking in communion with Father, Son and Holy Spirit in communion and community – heart to heart with those God is bringing together in divine heart alliance for His Holy Kingdom Purposes.

Through the covenant they have with our Father in Heaven they seek to walk in the original intent of Father for Native and non-native to walk and celebrate together – His Covenant Love with honor and truth.

Gatherings such as The Stand in Ottawa brought together leaders, spiritual fathers/mothers and generations to come and stand together for God’s standards in Canada, Americas and beyond.

The goal was to rebuild, restore, renew the devastation of First Nations people and of the nation(s).

Gatherings such as Standing Still of First nations here in Gloucester – one of the eastern gateways of America – to stand in holy worship and decree before Holy God – crying out, declaring, decreeing, singing, dancing  …….of the One Who Rules and Reigns in our hearts – to see the land healed, delivered and veil lifted from eyes of men’s hearts to God’s original intention/dreams for America(s).  To declare we are standing still before You Creator God – aligning our hearts and spirits with Yours – and we are still standing.

Donna Milham