Returning to Eden

By Daniel Garvin


Through our receiving the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are now re-invited to have full access to our created position, to enter in fully into intimacy with our Father in Eden. Here we can fully partake of the tree of life Yeshua, and to dwell in the open heaven of the supernatural realm. Everything that was lost by Adam and Eve can now be restored, and even more. As we are being clothed in light daily, we enter into fellowship with the angels, the heavenly beings, the interceding witnesses who have gone on before to cheer us on, and more importantly, Yeshua, Yahweh, and the 7-fold spirit, the Roark Ha- Kodesh. But before we can fully realize the activation of this truth, let’s look at what Adam and Eve had available to them before they fell into disobedience. My sources are scripture and many non-canonized historical Jewish writings, such as the book of Enoch.

Adam & Eve had clothing of light, a “Bright Nature” of divine glory. This is why after disobedient disregard for Yahweh’s words of warning; they were suddenly naked, as they lost this covering of light. In their glorified state, they saw and communed with the angels in glorious praise. At that time even the angels were in awe of the Father’s image created within us. Adam & Eve could see into the future prophetically. They daily had intimate union & communion intimacy with the Creator, as they walked and talked with Him. Yahweh was as both a Father and a Mother (El-Shaddai) to them. They knew the familiar sound of the voice of “Daddy (Abba).” They had a special tongue and language.

The animals were subject to them. The garden was full of beautiful light…an abode of joy. They were angel like in appearance and filled with grace. Their “Bright Nature” shed a luster which flowed from the tree of life over them, and they took great pleasure in obedience. The Father intended to produce eternal children of light from them, to fill the earth. Disobedience to His word changed this into death and darkness. However the Creator made a covenant that in the future, His word would become flesh and atone for their sin of rebellion by the Messiah’s sacrifice of His blood, and bring cleansing salvation and full restoration of His intended plan.

In this glorious state, the sun didn’t produce a flaming intense heat, they had no ravenous need for food. There was no sorrow, weariness, fear, or suffering. Instead, they had increased understanding and knowledge, and a purity of heart. There was perfect rest of spirit. They dwelled in abiding joy and gladness. As they were filled and covered with light, they were filled with unceasing praise by the Holy Spirit. This was an eternal state of bliss.

At the boarders of the garden was found signs of Yahweh’s promises; Gold, which represented His Kingdom reign, Incense, to represent His divinity and light, and Myrrh to represent His Son’s suffering for redemption and restoration. These were also by the tree of life.

Adam & Eve had full access to the water of life flowing from the tree of life, with no death.  They knew Yahweh’s marvelous power and observed the works of His hands. The angels who they could see clearly, served them and their heart was of a higher capacity for intimacy with “Abba” in intimacy. They were at rest, in this manifestation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. And as I said before they wore a garment of light, like sweet dew and ointment, and glory, and were covered by it. They walked in holiness, ate spiritual food, and were innocent as a child. They lived in life, mercy and glory. They breathed the very breath of the Almighty, and were considered one of God’s glorious ones.

When they disobeyed, sinned, and were put out of the garden, they lost their garments of light as coverings, and had to be clothed in animal skins to cover their nakedness. The contrast of living in a cursed world of suffering and death was too much for them and they became suicidal. To have lived in the supernatural world of glory and life, and then try to adapt to this world was too much for them to bear. Yet there was a prophetic hope for one day returning for their offspring, through the Creator’s Son destroying the serpent who tempted them.

Now because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection, we can have full access back to the glories of Eden and beyond! Yet many have not availed themselves of their position as seated in the heavenlies. This must be activated experientially. We can walk and talk with Yahweh daily as we come through the door of His Son into the throne room. It’s like we have been given front row seats to watch and experience an athletic event, but chose to take the upper deck “nosebleed” section and look from a distance. He is now waiting for us to fully enter in to the heavenlies and live there daily in fullness of glory and light. I have experienced this and want nothing less for my life!