To See Beyond Is Key


by Karen Elliott

One night, several months ago, on the ride home from a Judah’s Roar meeting, I was going over the meeting in my mind, lamenting on how I thought the night went and if anyone really heard the message that was being brought.

I was in the passenger’s seat looking out at the dark night when the sign on a passing building caught my eye. Against the black skyline stood a building with bright blue lettering lit up against the dark building with the words ‘C Beyond’. I immediately took those words into my heart. God was encouraging me to see beyond what I was feeling and sensing in the natural realm. For many months the Lord had been speaking to me about seeing beyond the natural realm and to not be moved by what I see happening in this worldly realm.

Several weeks later on the ride home, I noticed this sign again, but this time I saw that on the same building in the right corner was another bright blue sign that read ‘Keypoint’. I immediately knew that God was saying that to ‘see beyond is the keypoint’ for this hour! Not only do we need to see beyond this realm, but we must see beyond our own limitations, those we’ve put on ourselves and those we’ve allowed others to put on us.

I was reminded that Paul Keith Davis and Chuck Pierce, trusted prophetic voices, have been bringing a message that we must forge our future from the unseen realm because the patterns for the times ahead will not be found in the seen realm but in the unseen realm. We are to see into the unseen realm and prophesy the future! When the unseen realm becomes more real to us than this realm, it is then that we will walk on water!

It’s time for us to purpose in our hearts to see beyond for it is the key to our future.


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