Heart of Worship

by Lupe King of Eagle & Dove Ministries

I received the vision of this painting during “praise and worship” at our church. Earlier that same morning as we (my husband and I) taught Children’s’ Church, I was taken by the expression of joy on the children’s faces (shining) during their time of “Praise and Worship.” I felt the Lord express His joy over the children as He witnessed their hearts ablaze with love for Him.

I pondered about this throughout the day and in the evening as I set up to paint during our church service, I was taken back again to that morning when the children were singing and dancing before the Lord. At that point I said, “Okay Lord, what do you want me to express about children and worship?”

This is what I received:

The painting is titled Heart of Worship.

In the center of the painting is a little girl with arms raised up, praising Jesus. The depth of her praise is symbolized by her upraised hands literally turning into a heart ablaze with the passion of her love for Him. In this painting heart and hands have become one and the same; something that was once inside is now brought out into the open, there is no shame here, only joyous truth.

The yellow light in front of her is symbolizing the brilliance of His holiness on her face, resplendent with His glory, not contained, but released into the atmosphere.

The long hair symbolizing His cover over her and her submission to Him.

Take note that her gaze and posture is towards heaven, neither looking back or towards the right nor the left but with dove’s eyes…eyes for Him alone!

The color of her clothing, a light brown speaking of the humility on the part of the wearer…unless we become like little children…Mark 10:15

The strips of white speak of purity.

The background of the painting is symbolic of the world and mankind. As you can see, each piece resembles a puzzle piece, with the largest piece being the center, where the child is standing, this speaking of the child/children being in the center of God’s eye. The puzzle pieces speak of the brokenness of the world; the idea of not knowing where one belongs, confusion and scatteredness. The puzzle piece that the child is standing in is whole and complete in itself, crucial to the “big” picture, it is its center. All other things surrounding her may seem as though they don’t fit exactly right, but the child knows that in Him there is nothing lacking, her stance in praise and worship bear witness to the world…”All is well with my soul!” The blue speaks of God’s revelatory presence and the depth of the Holy Spirit. The green and brown puzzle pieces speak of the world, the healing and the humility that is needed and required to come into a place of undefiled praise and worship to our God.

The symbols:

Puzzle: things which are difficult to solve requiring patience, time and prayer. Perplexing; that which does not make sense, scattered and confusing; requiring clarity and focus and the need for perseverance and endurance.

Puzzle Pieces: The world, mankind, unique; one of a kind

Heart: The seat of human emotions, affections, desire, love, and feelings of all kinds. The Originator or Center of true thought and ideas, desires and the human will. The Seat of all that eventually becomes our behavior, conduct, and attitude. The product of human life/experiences stem from the heart. The place of inner judgments. It is the place where morality and courage are conceived and formulated for behavior and conduct. The Core of human emotions. It is the sunlight of the body; the body’s light source. It is where salvation is impacted and where the love of God is shed abroad. In religious and spiritual matters it is known as the temple/altar of one’s god…In our case (Children of God), it is G-O-D with a capital “G”; Hebrews 13:9-10, Jeremiah 17:1.

Hands: Strength, power, action, submission to God, relationship, agreement, physical and spiritual work, strength, powerful connection, possession, service, God’s hand, pleading, prayer, shield, miracles, provision, destiny, praise, joy, worship, adoration, reverence, surrender.

Little Girl/child/children: purity, innocence, immaturity, undefiled, simplicity, humble in heart, understanding of things hidden from the wise; LK. 10:21, offerings of praise to God that silences the avengers; Ps. 8:2, innocence toward evil, teachable spirit and attitude, inheritance, generations, heritage,

Reward: Ps. 127:3, vulnerability, blessing, hope for the future.

Long Hair: Glory, covering of wisdom, covenant, church, beauty, submission; 1Cor. 11:15

The Colors:

Brown: Compassion, repentance, born again, submission, humility, symbolic of the earth.

Green: Conscience, growth, prosperity, the color of go, and in ancient times considered the color of the prophet, indicative of divine activity, wealth, spiritual well-being, prophetic operation.

Blue: Communion, revelation, heaven, divine authority, spiritual, visitation, Holy Spirit, blessings, healing, good will, life. spiritual dominance heaven-bestowed rulership, unimpeded growth, unlimited potential, God’s appearance, eternity’s government, color of the cloth used to cover the priests’ sacred tools of/for service .

Red: Blood, Atonement, the insignia for victory, suffering, and sacrifice, wisdom, anointing power

Orange: Perseverance, endurance, powerful force, the color of fire, indicates one is tried and proven.

White: Spirit of the Lord, Holy Power, purity, without mixture, light, righteousness, blameless, innocence,

Gold: Holy purity, glory, kingship, kingdom glory, God, refinement of the spirit, royalty, transcendence, the spirit, wealth, spiritual power.

Black: The human condition without God


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