Spring in Winter

by Lupe King of Eagle & Dove Ministries 

I received this vision at a time of intimate prayer in my prayer closet. It was between late November and late December of this past year. I sat on my rocking chair before a window in my kitchen looking out through a snow storm. The previous seasons of spring, summer, and fall had been both, spiritually and physically long and hard. At that time I felt I had endured months of trials and testing. Much physical pain came through an accident where I had fallen and injured my back; illness raised its ugly head as well. Months of doctor and chiropractor appointments filled my days with blood tests, cat scans, and ultrasounds in which nothing was ever found. Tests came back negative time after time and yet the physical pain was very real. Just when I felt I could not take anymore, my mother made her departure into eternity two weeks before Christmas. I felt as if I had hit the bottom and the bottom had fallen out. That day as I sat staring out at the storm I cried out to God and told Him I did not understand the reason for so much hardship and pain, emotional and physical, “what’s the point Lord!” I cried, “What is it that you want me to see?”

I quieted myself and prepared to listen, I knew a response would come, I received this vision instead, the words came later.

I saw myself before an immense window, I was standing and looking out at a beautiful winter scene and even experienced the cold, I saw two beautiful big trees on either side stripped from their leaves, naked and vulnerable, yet standing straight, strong and tall amidst the snow covered ground. The sky was a light blue with shades of grey. The sun in all its God given beauty was a beautiful shade of orange and yellow mixed together with a an aura of bright yellow extending from it. I felt its warmth where before I had felt the cold and I started to feel ALIVE! I noticed how beautiful the snow looked as if God had sprinkled it with silver dust. As the sun shone on it, it radiated wholeness and purity. Suddenly I was stretching up towards the sky in a posture of praise and thanksgiving so thankful to ABBA for who He was, is, and forevermore shall be in my life. As tears rolled down my face, I was directed by Holy Spirit to focus on the ground between the two trees. Suddenly I see the ground start to break as if in slow motion and I notice there is something emerging from the ground. I held my breath as it continued to unfold before my very eyes. I saw what appeared to be a plant taking form and then I saw the bright green leaves and the buds start to open. I witnessed flower after flower burst forth in a beautiful array of red amidst the beautiful white snow.

No words were released at that time, yet through the vision itself I received healing and restoration, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Weeks after processing this wonderful encounter with the Lord, I received this word, not only for myself but for the greater Body of Christ as well:

My Precious One, like you many of my children stand at the cross-roads of physical and spiritual pain and sorrow, much has come upon you, so much that at times you wonder if I even care or if the pain will ever stop. Indeed you live in a fallen world, but it is not a world without hope for I am Jesus in you the hope of glory. And it is in these difficult times, these end times, that I seek to make you wiser and stronger.

I am not a foreign god that created you on a whim. No, you were planned, expected, and wanted, and there is purpose for you in all that you go through. It is through the most difficult times that I AM most present in your life bearing you up and embracing your destiny in Me.

I AM THE CREATOR, you are the created! I know exactly what you are made of, I know exactly how much you can take and for how long and the purpose behind each and every trial and test. Have I not promised you that you will come forth as gold? Have I not said, “weeping may remain for the night but rejoicing will come in the morning?”

Behind every illness and every sorrow is a test of faith, will you continue to believe in me even though it may appear that I have left you? Will you continue to cry out to me even though it may seem as though I do not hear you? Will you praise and worship me even in the storms of life? Remember I AM in the boat!

Do not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday…I AM Jesus, your shield, your rampart, and your very great reward. I AM He who covers you with His feathers and not only do I hide you in the cleft of the rock, I AM the ROCK!!!

Behold, I am giving you Spring in Winter! In the midst of death I AM bringing forth life! Every seed that you have planted in the past, yes even the ones you have given up on, I AM bringing forth in this season. Do I not speak to the dry bones and say, live!

There is much harvest coming into your lives, much blessing, much, much abundance. Growth, Growth, Growth!

The Symbolism:

Winter-Prophetically a season of darkness, cold and barrenness; often accompanied by a period of spiritual testing and trials and then surrender to difficulty and tribulation, a time of hiding and stagnation, a sign of suspended activity and productivity. A season of vulnerability and exposure. Often associated with the North

North– power, majesty, judgment, God’s Throne.

Window/s-openness, blessings of heaven; Gen 6:16, Jos. 2:15, SS 2:9, ascending; an ascending call, an opening, entrances, access, opportunity for transition or improvement, windows require ascension and climbing to enter or go through. The “word” here is, “Climb-up, S-T-R-E-T-C-H, reach-up for your destiny!

Trees-plantings, nations, individuals, leadership, the church; Isa 55:12, Ps. 104:16, 105:33, in other words “US!”

Branches– Strength, prosperity, victory, rejoicing, restoration; Isa.4:2, Messiah; Isa. 11:1, Jer. 23:5,

Sun-unveiled or exposed by the “light” of day: 1 Cor. 3:13, glory, brightness, light, Ps. 84:11, 19:7, Mal. 4:2, Mt 17:2, The Bridegroom emerging from His chambers; Ps 19:5, symbol of the All Seeing Eye of the Lord, the Judge and the Law-giver, ultimate source of light (God); Ps 84:11. Sun of Righteousness, healing; Mal. 4:2, The church clothed in Jesus; Rev. 12: 1-6.

Flowers-symbols of love, victory, goodwill, indicate Spring, the cycle of life, the brevity of life, the glory of the Holy and the Eternal, beauty, restoration, transience. Flowers convey an image of breaking-forth, budding and sprouting, spectacular, spontaneous growth, glorious, radiant, and shimmering beauty. Flowers of Spring symbolize renewal.

Snow-brightness, purity and brilliance, resplendent, whiteness Isa. 1:18, cleanness Job 9:30, refreshing coolness Proverbs 25:13. Whiteness and purity combined speak of the comparison of forgiveness of sin to snow; Psalm 51:7, Isa. 1:18, the whiteness of snow speaks of the transcendent brightness of God himself ; Dan. 7:9 and of Christ at the transfiguration Mark 9:3, the angel at the resurrection ; Mat. 28:3, and Christ standing amidst the lampstands in John’s vision; Rev. 1:14.

The Colors:

Brown humility, compassion, repentant, born-again

Blue-Gift, spirit of man is immature and in development, heaven, authority, communion, revelation, divine, spiritual, visitation, Holy Spirit, blessings, healing, goodwill, life, celestial and heavenly power, unimpeded growth, unlimited potential, heavenly, spiritual dominance. Color of cloth used to cover the priests’ garments of service; Exodus 25:4, Eze. 23:6.

Yellow-mind, hope, gift of God, revelation, spiritual insight or insight gained from spiritual sources, golden.

Orange-perseverance, endurance, the color of fire, indicative of one having been tried and proven.

Red-suffering, sacrifice, wisdom, anointing, power, pleasant, delight, life-blood, blood-sacrifice.

Green– conscience, growth, wealth, prosperity, life, the color of “go”, in ancient times green was considered the color of the prophet and indicative of divine activity, spiritual well being,

White redemption, heaven, purity, attributes of the redeemed, images of New Heaven and New Earth, radiance of light, Jesus is clothed in robes “as white as light,” garments of the redeemed, glory, Spirit of the Lord, Holy power, righteousness, triumph, victory in conflict, success.

LK 6/21/10

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