On a Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were returning home from having spent a joyful evening with family members. It had been raining gently on and off throughout the day. Suddenly it was as if a plug had been pulled and it started to pour endlessly.

As I focused on the powerful downfall of the rain I had a vision of three orbs suspended in midair each composed of the most beautiful moving and electrifying colors I have ever seen, hovering, and I felt the word “LIFE” from inside me and Genesis 1:1-2 came to mind; In the beginning God (prepared, formed fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth . The earth was without form and an empty waste and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters. (Amplified version). Being drawn deeper into the vision this is what I received:

Our world is not just a happenstance; it is neither an accident nor a mistake (Isaiah 45:18). CREATOR God, Master of the Universe is the Originator, indeed the word Genesis means origin and beginning and the word God in this verse is translated from the Hebrew meaning Elohim which in this verse means, “the one true God who creates.” Creation is always an act of God whether in the natural or in the spiritual and in its originality always comes with a goal and a purpose as does all He has created and will create.

Genesis (origin/beginning) speaks of the creation of our world and of how God’s power and eminence was there through His unoriginated, immutable, external, and self sustained existence. Out of chaos and confusion order was brought forth.

It speaks about a hollowness and an absence that occupied a space without mold or shape, a place with the absence of light submerged in a sea covered with darkness.

As I meditated on the above paragraph I felt God saying, “This is a picture of how mankind is without Me, empty with no shape or form submerged in a sea of darkness, chaos, and confusion.”

The invisible, immaterial, and powerful wind (breath) of God (Spirit) hung in the air without moving forward or backward, as in deliberate focus and thought. Job 38:4-6 speaks about God drawing a circle upon the face of the waters at the boundary between light and darkness, of building the earth like a building, creating dimensions with bounds, bars, and doors for the ocean saying, “Thus far you shall come and no farther (Job 38: 10-11).

In all of this I hear Him saying, “I was present before the world was formed and it came to be out of my direct will and pleasure, indeed I was active then and am active now and will never cease to be active in my creation. Yes I birthed this world with a purpose and a goal. There was much excited, joyous, thunderous, and electrifying movement at its birth. I have called it good and very good and I have blessed it with every expression of joy.

The Painting

I have chosen to call this painting “Ruach,” meaning, “A blast of a breath,” It is the idea of breath relating to one’s will or purpose, in this case, God’s will and purpose.

I have drawn and painted this artwork as close as I could to the vision I had to the best of my ability, visualize this painting as being alive and you might get a glimpse of what I was seeing with all the vivid colors swirling vigorously and shows of lightening on and off continually with waves of water moving to God’s synchronization, look below and experience the darkness of the void.

The three orbs, distinctively alike and yet distinctively different at the same time are symbols of the Trinity endless, timeless, and eternal, Isa. 40:22, complete and fullness. Gen.1:1, Matt. 28: 19-20

The roundness of the orbs; speaks of covenant, agreement and accord in this case the agreement within the Trinity itself.

The Water

In the beginning as a symbol of instability before the completion of creation Eze. 47 1-12 God’s voice, The Spirit; Isa 44: 3-4, God’s presence, waters of life, Holy Spirit flowing, Word of the Lord, Life giving power of redemption, revelation of knowledge.

The Colors

White: purity, joy, Spirit of the Lord, Holy Power, without mixture, light, righteousness, holiness, and success Rev. 7:9, 19:14.

Green: life, hope, growth, and divine activity, Gen. 1:30, Job 7:16, SS. 2:13.

Purple: Authority, Kingship, rule, and majestic, Judges 8:26, SS. 3:10, Jn 19: 1-5.

Yellow: amber, glory of God, hope, light, celebration, and joy, Eze. 1:4, 8:2, Ps. 68:13

Blue: Communion, heaven, revelation, Holy Spirit, blessing, authority, divine,

Ex. 24:10, Ezk. 1:26, 10:1. Prophetically stands for celestial and heavenly power, symbolizes spiritual dominance and heaven bestowed rulership.

Black: darkness, absence of light, Micah 3:6, Psalm 18:11, the shadow of His wings, Psalm 17:8

Red: pleasant, delight, sacrifice, wisdom, anointing, power, atonement, Isa. 1:18, Nah. 2:3, Num. 19:2.

Orange: perseverance, endurance, powerful force, the color of fire, indicative of one that is tried and proven, Psalm 5:12.

Gold: kingship, kingdom glory, God, Rev. 4:4, SS 5:11, Matt. 2:11, refinement of spirit, royalty, transcendence, representative of spirit, wealth, spiritual power, holy, purity, glory, glory of God, God ministering, anointing fire, Eze. 1:4, 27, 28. 

Plum: riches, abundance, infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Brown: compassion, humility, humanity, and earth, sometimes interpreted “speckled” Gen 30:32.

 L. King 11/11/09

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