The Sun of Righteousness


Malachi 4:2; …the sun of righteousness will arise with healing in its wings

Psalm 91

One day as I was pouring my heart out to the Lord in prayer about end times, personal trials, swine flu, unsaved family members, friends and prodigals, I heard Him declare Psalm 91.

This declaration caused me to repent over a level of unbelief in His sovereign power not just over myself and loved ones but over the worldwide corporate Body of Christ manifested through fear.

I clearly heard Him say, “Have I not said, You shall not fear the terror of night, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the plague that destroys at mid-day?”

He continued, “Amidst chaos, fear, and the unbelief, there I will arise in the glory of God’s favor over His people.  Indeed the world as it is known has stepped into the beginning of the best of times and the worst of times but my grace is sufficient for you.

The unsaved will be drawn to the light of the confidence of my children in their Creator God.  While the world cries out to the rocks, “Fall on us!” There will be song and dance in my camp.  My people will rejoice in The Lord their Maker and will proclaim amidst the hardness of trials and tribulations, “Who is like our God, strong and mighty in battle?”  As the unbelieving, confused, and distorted world loses itself in self-made chaos, my righteous ones will shine like the light of the noon day.

The Sun (Son) stands for the glory of God, light and brightness.   Psalm 84:11, Mal.4:2, Matt. 17:2. 

Wings speak of flight, swiftness, and movement in the Spirit, supernatural  and divine transport, defense and protection.  Ex. 19:4, Psalm 17:8, Dt. 32:11, Rev. 12:6, 14.


Flames symbolize life, ongoing movement, His purifying Presence, the holiness of God, and testing.  Heb. 12:29, Gen. 19:24, 2 Th 1:7-8. 

The Circle (Sun) stands for covenant=agreement and accord, a contract between two parties where the greater one (God) forges a union that achieves a common goal that fortifies the lesser one’s (in this case us) quality of existence.  Gen.6:18, Lev. 2:13.

The Colors

Orange – the color of fire, hot, perseverance, endurance, indicative of one that is tried and proven.

Yellow- Spiritual insight or insight gained from spiritual sources, hope and gift of God. 

Red– the color of royalty in its duty to engage in war to defend its land and peoples, Blood of Christ, atonement, and sacrifice.

Gold– refinement of spirit, sanctification, royalty, transcendence, spirit, spiritual power and wealth.

I chose to make the wings in the shape of a “V” reminding all of us of the VICTORY!!! in Christ.

This painting is about Father God and (us) His children, it is about Holy cause and Holy effect; it is only through Him that we are able to arise and soar from and through the fires of sanctification.  It is about the glory of God arising through the victory of trials and testing.  It is about His wings reminding us of His supernatural and divine defense and transport to a place of His protection.  It is the flames of ongoing movement that we find His holiness and His purifying presence.

Lk 9/30/09

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